May 21, 2008

You know you're a mother when...

You know you're a mother when...

a while back I told a good friend that she ought to write down all of the ridiculous things she has to say to her kids when she's on the phone, or just day by day... this is my first installment of the absurd and ridiculous...

Things I've actually said to my kids, but believe that I shouldn't have to...

1. GO PLAY! (I find this ironic... like telling a bird to fly)

2. Don't lick your sister

3. Don't sit on your brother's head

4. Stop pouring milk on your arm

5. No, you can't wrap your sister up in a blanket and sleep on her

6. Stop touching your eye

7. Stop touching your sister's eye

8. Please don't lick your finger and stick it in your belly button

9. Don't lick the bathtub

10. Stop eating crumbs off the floor

11. No more laughing

12. I will stop this car if you don't stop, and if I stop this car, you'll be sorry

13. Please don't drink the bath water

14. Don't pour water on the table and lick it off

15. No more knock knock jokes

16. No more pretending to smoke (saw it in an old cartoon... thats all it took)

17. We don't say "kinky" in this house... (Ben makes up words... sometimes they have OTHER meanings...)

18. Don't push your sister off of your bed

19. Don't play in the toilet!!

20. Please stop talking about blood...

more to come...

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