Aug 22, 2008

I have been a mother for a few months over 5 years.

What did I sign up for again?

For middle of the night feedings and 10 diaper changes a day

For 24 hours a week of breast feeding

For firsts... first smiles, laughs, words, steps, falls and the first time he ever said I love you and I could tell he meant it

For snuggles in the rocking chair every night while we read Wynkin, Blinkin and Nod and Good Night Moon

For the tears that come after I've tried everything and he will still not poop on the potty.

For the rejoicing and genuine excitement that can come from something as simple as going to the bathroom without having to be told to or drawing on the paper and not the wall

For the hours of talking he has done, and will do until I want to tell him to be quiet... and then he says something that is surprising and funny and heart warming and I don't want him to ever stop talking

For middle of the night, I had a nightmare, can I sleep in your bed?

For middle of the night, I just threw up all over myself and my bed, floor, wall, ceiling, will you hold me... oh and clean me up too?

For the first time they met, in the hospital. He was my baby, and he was so little, but next to her, he was so big.

For the first time he ever threw a block at her head

For the first time they talked and babbled late at night when they should have been sleeping

For afternoons of 2 kids running in crazy circles around the track that is my living, dining and kitchen, laughing like loons (until somebody runs into the doorframe)

For screaming matches between two children, that noone really knows what it's about after the shoes (and toys) have been thrown and the doors slammed

For nighttime prayers and little voices singing Jesus Loves Me

For cuddles on the couch when we are reading our "just one" book that ends up being 4 or 5 books.

For tickle fights on the living room floor until somebody gets the hic-ups from laughing so hard

For times when they say they're sorry without having to be told to, and when they hug without prompting from mom

For watching my little boy standing in the front of his kindergarten classroom meeting his teacher and not looking back, while we stand in the back amazed, awed and sad that our little baby is not a baby and not so little anymore.

I guess... good, bad and ugly, I signed up for a pretty good job.

I just wish I wasn't so tired. ;P

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