Sep 8, 2008

You know you're a mommy when...

This is a little something for all of my mommy friends out there in cyber world...
You know you're a mother when...
you find yourself cutting up your husband's meat when you finally go out to dinner, just the two of you
you have wipes, antibacterial lotion, hot wheels cars and little pink hairclips in your purse
your car smells like a mixture of graham crackers and apple juice, and you don't even notice
you correct someone who says butt... without thinking "we say bottom"
you perpetually have a dirty/wet spot on your shoulder, where your kid wipes their nose
you have ever cleaned boogers off the window in the backseat of your car
you find yourself singing the theme song to Dora, Diego or Backyardigans when the TV isn't on
you have memorized Good Night Moon or some other bedtime book
you actually miss your kids when you go someplace without them, when you see a child the same age/size with someone else
you can laugh through a tantrum (theirs, not yours)
you talk on the phone to a friend and can't string two sentences together because you are too busy threatening your children
you have ever said - "don't lick the table", "we don't eat chalk (crayons, pens, bubbles)", or "are you stinky?"
You know you're a mother when...
you have had a 1 hour conversation with anyone where you talked exclusively about poop, pee and potty training
a 1 hour nap feels like heaven
you can hear your child jump on the bed from the other side of the house
you have ever told the lie about eyes in the back of your head
you have ever worked up a sweat getting pictures taken
you have to bend over to get your boobs in your bra, and when you roll over at night, your boobs follow a half a second later
:) if you have any, please include!

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