Oct 16, 2008

my thoughts on gay marriage

I believe in Jesus and that the Bible is truth.

I was raised in a Liberal home, with Yellow Dog Democrats (they'd vote for a Yellow Dog, if it ran as a Democrat), so I have different leanings than, say, a Right wing Christian.

I believe that true Homosexuality is a tendency that you are born with, just like I was probably born with a tendency toward alchoholism, and others are born with a tendency toward Pedophilia. Not every genetic tendency we were born with is healthy.

I DON'T believe that Bi-sexuality is a inherent tendency. I believe that those who embrace a bisexual lifestyle are basically just out to get pleasure wherever they can get it. They are desperately seeking love, wherever it comes from.

I also believe the the Bible is CLEAR about Homosexuality as a lifestyle. It is sin. Just like having sex outside of marriage for a heterosexual person. Or gossiping or being prideful (for that matter). It is all sin. Does God hate sin? YES. Does he hate the sinner and consider him or her an enemy? No. God loves us, and desires to have a relationship with us. When we are living in a life full of sin, we cannot have the close, intimate relationship He would like to have with us.

So that is where I stand from my Christian perspective on the "gay" issue. This is where it gets interesting. While I of course believe my opinion is correct, I also struggle with making other's live according to my opinion. While I believe that homosexuality is sin, and believe that that is Truth, I struggle with making people who don't share my religious perspective, live as though THEY think so too.

I don't know that God ever tells us to get political in the Bible. Or for HUMANS to make Laws that the masses have to live by that are directly related to our own morals and spiritual laws. I don't believe we should legislate our own morals for the masses. When God made the Levitical laws, those laws were for the Jews, not the Gentiles. In fact God even warns the Jews that others won't follow their laws, the strongest warning were not for nonbelievers who didn't follow the law, but for those who know the Truth and turn their back on it.

In fact, God hardly ever punished nonbelievers for their disbelief and disobediance, but He really got into the faces of those who claimed to believe and turned their backs on the truth.

So, the question we have to ask ourselves is this: if America is a land of freedom in religious thought, and a Republic, then shouldn't any moral issue be voted on? It shouldn't have anything to do with what our individual religions say about anything. As a Christian, I shouldn't have an abortion or marry a woman, but that's between me and God.

HOWEVER, if you claim to be a Christian and also stubbornly live a sinful, homosexual, or otherwise, lifestyle, then you have a major issue. You and God are going to have words, you need to repent and work toward reconciliation with God.

But, if you don't believe in the Truth and choose another idol to worship, self, pleasure, etc - then one more sin isn't going to send you to hell anymore than NOT having a relationship with the God who loves you does.

So, what's the right thing to do if you are a Christian? Try to step outside of the "Christian Reality Bubble" you live in and think about it from a nonbeliver's point of view. As Christians, we are to love those who persecute us. We are to turn the other cheek, we are to eat with the prostitutes and tax collectors.

Jesus never says carry a big sign and bigger stick and hit others who don't believe as you do. He doesn't say we should form coalitions against sin and pass out fear-mongering fliers about what that sin will do to our lives. We are to personally be responsible for our own sin. We are to try to love others, be gentle to nonbelievers and always be prepared with an answer for the hope that we have.

Yelling at homosexuals and carrying hateful signs, or trying to make people afraid of them so they will hate them is NOT a Christian value. This is where the rubber meets the road: Is a part of your faith FORCING others to believe as you do? Does that mesh with what is taught in the Bible? Why make a law that intentionally hurts others because of their sin? That has nothing to do with me.

Two women or two men getting married doesn't nothing to lessen MY value of my marriage, it has nothing to do with me. They are living thier lives as lost people. America is about freedom, why Right-winged Christians in America seem to embrace the prideful, materialistic, narcissistic aspect of America, when it suits them, but not when it suits a homosexual? What is that about?

To quote the California Supreme Court: "An individual's sexual orientation — like a person's race or gender — does not constitute a legitimate basis upon which to deny or withhold legal rights."

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