Nov 13, 2008

Prop 8, Obama and Bloody Baby Signs... how is the cause of Christ furthered?

So the election is history, the decisions made and the people discontent.
Not that I am surprised, not even a little bit. Are you? The homosexuals are up in arms about inequality. The conservative republicans are crying about Obama... the anti-abortion, pro-life folks are expecting a pro-abortion campaign coming out of the White House in a few months.

I was sitting on election night, happy because everything I voted for (excepting prop 2 - what?!) went "my way", reflecting on what is really important. Which is this: furthering the Cause of Christ. And from my opinion, this doesn't mean forcing people from sinful ways... it means drawing people to the God who created and loves them, so He can correct their sin.

Although I was undecided and somewhat confused about Prop 8, I ended up voting my faith. Not BY faith, but MY faith. That is, I finally decided that rather than leaving it blank, as I was inclined to do, I chose to vote yes. I know. I am a horrible, bigoted, homophobic person. I bought into the blather (fear mongering?) about teaching children that homosexuality is okay in schools, which I don't want to deal with because my son's best friend has two mommies and a stepmother, get the picture? SO I know I am on borrowed time when it comes to having that conversation.

I have already had hours of contemplation on the best way to deal with it, from discouraging the friendship (not right) to telling him the way we believe (good choice). The problem with this particular issue is that there are homosexuals in our society and we will have more and more contact with them as they gain boldness and the lifestyle loses the stigma.

My son and daughter both suffer from my same illness, which is saying what I think, and what I know to be true, no matter what the circumstances. The problem with this is that his little friend is innocent in all of this. He is not choosing this lifestyle, nor can he choose his parents (female all). So if I tell my son that the lifestyle isn't what God wants for us, he will pass it on, in 5 year old language to his friend, who will pass it on to his mommies. How did I just further the cause of Christ? How did I communicate to this family that God loves them and wants to have a relationship with them? How did I communicate anything other than the fact that I am a judgmental Christian, who is passing on her judgment to her young children?

I didn't. Prop 8 - made those who hate Christians feel justified, and I can't blame them. I don't care if it was a push of Mormons, Catholics or Focus on the Family, it was a push of people who claim to have a personal relationship with Christ, who in a well intentioned move just set back the cause of Christ in the industrialized world.

How so? Well, the intent of the church(es) was to communicate that homosexuality is wrong, and that we will not tolerate, accept or condone that behavior in our society, nor will we allow homosexuals to act like their lifestyle choices are "normal". It sounds harsh and judgmental when you spell it out like that. But that is what I see, and I believe that is what the world saw.

If the Cause of Christ is to be witnesses of Christ, if we are to be an extension of God's love in the world, how did voting a ban on same sex marriages do this? It didn't. I don't know what the answer is. I do know that God isn't always cozy and fluffy and warm and fuzzy. I also know that the way to win the masses is through the person of Jesus Christ, and He stands for accepting the person and rejecting the sin, I know that He stands for loving those who persecute us. I understand that the love He talked about in the Bible was an ACTIVE love, not passive.

But ultimately whether prop 8 passed or not, didn't matter on election day. The fact that there WAS a prop 8 at all, was the nail in that coffin. As Christians we were represented by a campaign that would spend millions of dollars that was boiled down and simplified to glorified signs that said "GOD HATES SINNERS" "SINNERS GO TO HELL" "REPENT OR BURN" and big ugly signs with pictures of bloody babies, all in the name of keeping our culture "sin-free".

When instead we should have been carrying signs that said "God loves you" "He made you and wants to have a relationship with you" "Come to Jesus and be free"

How did we further the Cause of Christ? We didn't.
But good job keeping those homosexuals from calling it "marriage".

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  1. Amen! Who did Jesus hang with? The sinners, not the pharisees.


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