Sep 20, 2009

Beadfully simple!

I finally organized my jewelry after a lifetime of jewelry-related chaos!
I make my own jewelry (and occasionally for other people) and teach teens and friends who want to learn basic beading techniques. The only thing I didn't do was keep track of my bead creations, and the other necklaces and things that I make.

As I cleaned out the mess, I discovered earrings that might have been acceptable to wear in the mid to late 90s, and a handful of earrings made of questionable metal, that were so corroded, I could no longer recognize them... it felt good to just toss the lot! I don't wear much jewelry, and what I do wear must be gold or sterling, because my body rejects other metals, by way of puss, itchiness and very red ears.

The project took me about 45 min... but I had the wood cut already, if you need to cut the wood down to size, that could take awhile, even with a jigsaw, unless you are really talented in the woodworking area.

This is what I started with... materials  probably cost a total of maybe $10, but I made it with things I had "lying around".  The wood is about 12" x 12", and I used one handle and 2 different sized knobs.

I drilled holes that were slightly larger than the screws, where I wanted to place the hardware, and created a "countersunk" look by drilling a shallow hole directly centered on the smaller hole with a drill bit that was slightly larger than the head of the screw... so it would lay flat against the wall... did that make sense?

This is what I used to attach the finished piece to the wall.  I love these 3M products!  Firm attachment without the damage or sight of screws!  These are like "velcro", 2 pieces that snap together.  I used the same product to attach my daughter's full length mirror to her closet door.

Here is the back of the finished project... with the mounting strips ready to be attached to the wall.

Here is a front view... looks like a crazy drawer... but I like it...

Here is the finalized project, hanging on my wall above my bedside table, above my jewelry box (which is loads lighter from my purge of jewelry I will never wear).  The best thing about this project: makes my jewelry a piece of art! :)


  1. Great job! I might steal that one from u!Nice blog mama!

  2. Love those picture hanging strips! I just blogged about them yesterday :)

    Great job!



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