Sep 18, 2009

"Don't you get bored being a stay-at-home-mom?"

I'm so lazy. Look at me, eating my bon bons, updating my wanna-be blog at 10:30 at night.

What I did today:
7am - Got up late... took a shower, and managed to get my kids fed, dressed and out the door by 8:10am.
8:10am - Walked B to school, walked home at 4 year old pace.
8:30am - Quickly got on my computer to fix a PTSA flier I needed to copy this morning. Printed it and
8:47am - Ran out the door to drop C off at Preschool.
9:02am - Headed back to B's class and checked homework for the class
10:30ish - Went to the school office and made copies of the fliers I edited that morning... JUST 459 of them. Cut those, and Lucy, our PTSA president, and I sorted them into the 20 teacher mailboxes.(did I mention that I am the PTSA Secretary?)
11:47am - Left just in time to get C.
12:10pm - Got home and realized I forgot my parents were meeting me for lunch... shocking, I know. Tossed C in the car, made a couple quick phone calls and hustled out the door to lunch.
1:14pm - Got home from lunch and tried to convince C she wanted to nap, but since Grammy and Papa were there, instead she brought half of the toys from her bedroom to show off for them in the living room
2:35pm - My mom and I walked down to get B
2:55pm - Arrived home with B, tried my best to wrangle him into a semblance of after school routine... gave up.
3:20pm - My parents leave, and my kids start their afternoon laps... running and screaming around the living room, kitchen, entry way track... I start to clean up the chaos in my living room
4pm - Lucy and two of her children show up for a "play date" for the kids and some t-shirt orders and money counting for the mommies...
5:30pm - My hubby arrives home and in a kind gesture, collects the monkey children and entertains them for a bit so we can finish up, meanwhile I am multi-tasking, cooking dinner as I count money and checks...
6:20pm - JUST about finished... bye Lucy, bye boys! Let's eat!
6:50pm - C, get in the bath tub, yes, bring whatever you want, please take off your clothes and get in the tub! B, you must clean your room! I don't care if you didn't make the mess alone, it must be done... Wash your body C, it's almost time to get out, of course you can watch a Mickey Mouse cartoon... B, get in the tub! It's warm enough, just get in... B, time to get out... wait, wash your body! Clean up that huge blob of toys floating in the tub, I don't care IF you didn't make the mess alone, it must be done!
7:15pm - Clean children, one with mommy watching Mickey Mouse kiss Minnie, one with daddy, watching Zelda kill the bad guys...

Mommy, how can you watch the show with your eyes closed? Mommy?

8:10pm - Teeth brushed, prayers said, good night! GO TO BED!

And here I am... wasting time on the computer! I didn't even manage to vacuum or mop today... maybe I should have moved faster... maybe I shouldn't have done some of that... OR maybe, just maybe I am keeping myself from getting bored... hmmm

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