Oct 15, 2009

Blog Action Day 2009 - Climate Change/ Global Warming

Today I'm going to participate in Blog Action Day! I first read about it on Kitchen With Kids and she read about it on Reduce Footprints. “Blog Action Day is an annual event that unites the world's bloggers in posting about the same issue on the same day. Our aim is to raise awareness and trigger a global discussion.” -blogactionday.org

So far I have been having a great time learning about the blogging community and trying to increase my readership.  I'm still not sure why I want to increase that... but it's better than other things being increased... like my pants size or my thighs, or my waist measurement.

But back to the discussion at hand.  I am not sure if you have heard about this little topic called Global Warming and/or Climate Change, you may have some political opinions on the issue that have more to do with your inability to listen to Al Gore (aka the inventor of the Internet), than with your general feelings about the planet (ALTHOUGH, interestingly enough, while he is NOT the mind behind the madness, which is the world wide web, he is one political figure that pushed to have it available in every home... but that is probably another post for another time... if you can't wait, read about it here, at Snopes, 'cause we all know, if it's on the internet it is probably true - HA!)

I am a tree hugger.  I pretty much have always been one.  For a while in high school I considered myself a neo-hippy. Don't know if that is even an actual term, but it's how I saw myself.  All about spreading the love; minus the pot, hairy armpits and dredlocks.  As a child I was even a quarter scraper for PETA before it was even in. Of course, now as an adult, I see the folly of my ways, they are a little over the top!

To answer an unasked question: yes I believe in climate change, I do think you would have to live in a closet in the middle of the Mohave desert to still be in denial about it (though, I still know people who make snarky comments about global warming on an unseasonably cold day - PS - it just goes to show how LITTLE you know about "Global Warming" if you think it means ONLY that it will be warmer.) Do me a favor, read Earth Week each week and see if you are still in denial that SOMETHING is happening!

So, I went to Wikipedia for a definition of carbon emissions, which is, btw, what is causing the greenhouse effect, and what I got there is that stuff that we humans have been doing since the 1700s (the Industrial era) have been then: slowly, now :quickly causing an increase in carbon dioxide in our atmosphere, which is knocking everything out of whack.

Some argue that this would have happened anyway, it's not what we've been doing, it's a part of the planet's natural cycle.  This logic tells me that if we didn't break it, then we are NOT responsible for fixing it.  Ohhhkaaaay.  Step away from the gas mower... step away from the case of plastic water bottles... step away from the 12 mpg car/van/truck you are driving and pay attention.  If you are a Christian (which many who poo-poo this theory seem to be) let me redirect you to Genesis and the command God gives us as humans to take care of the earth, plants, animals, etc. ad nauseum.  No matter WHAT, if this is a natural cycle or a man-made problem... it's a problem and scientists think we can help... so we should HELP! If you are NOT a Christian and still don't believe me... click HERE right now! Then you can come back and finish reading.

So, about 4 years ago I bought the reusable bags and started shopping at WinCo (just one time a week)... who gives me 6 cents FOR EVERY BAG EVERY TIME I USE THEM!  I get 48 cents back each time I go to the store, which means I paid for my bags 12 times over! I even wrote a letter to editor about it... which made those who read it roll their eyes at my tree hugging!  I try really hard to buy larger packaging, which saves trees and landfill space.  Not to mention those nasty carbon emissions that are undoubtly created everytime they are made...

We also walk to and from school as much as we can (unless I'm sick with the Swine flu, then I just whine and take the car).  We are big fans of hand-me-downs and aren't ashamed to use other's gently used things... I would guess that 85% of our clothes are hand-me-downs or thrift store finds.  We have energy efficient windows and sprayed insulation in our walls... and have it in our attic too!  I use as many enviromentally friendly products I can find, even if they DO leave water marks on my glasses.  We also use reusable water bottles and a water filter in our sink (neatest little doohickey ever!).

These are the things I don't do:
  • eat organic: unfortunately WinCo doesn't sell it... 
  • line dry my clothes instead of using my electric dryer... who has the patience and/or desire to turn their backyard into a circus?...
  • clean my house with vinegar... I have a hubby who finds the smell/taste/sight/suggestion of vinegar to be offensive to his person...
  •  I haven't YET started washing my clothes in cold water ONLY... Another way to curb your carbon emissions is to use cold water when washing your clothes... here is a blog that is currently giving away Tide cold water wash... but don't bother visiting it... I really don't want more people to sign-up!
As a way to update and a topically relevant one at that! I am also eating vegetarian!  Two weeks and counting! Eating a vegetarian diet even for ONE day a week can decrease your carbon footprint.  Want to know HOW?  Visit this article at Meatless Mondays and find out!  Try it! You just might like it!

I love love love eating vegetarian!  I love that I feel like I am caring for my body, and caring for the planet all at once!  I love that I am starting to lose weight and it seems to be effortless!  I'll admit, it has taken more thought, and I have felt (at times) like a bit of a freak... but so far, it's worth it, and so much easier than I thought!

I started 2-3 times a week supplementing with either a protein shake (from Jillian - Biggest loser trainer) or a protein bar (from Pure Protein)... and it has made me feel better, and oddly enough, boosted my weight loss efforts.  Plus, my paranoia about not getting enough protein was starting to get to me.

I am still sick, but feeling more human today than yesterday, but today my 6 year old stayed home with it! If you are my friend and have been in contact with me or my family in the last 48 hours I am sorry to say you have been exposed.   Good news! I'm not the only one! AND IT IS ONLY THE FLU! (Read yesterday's post...)

Happy Blog Action Day!


  1. You're awesome! I loved this post. A very straight forward description, plus you're funny. Clever girl.
    PS Glad the swine flu is on it's way out, and way to go on your vegetarianism! :o)

  2. What excellent topic


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