Oct 19, 2009

ICMT Mondays! Ever hear of a "korker" ribbon? Giveaway!

Hello ALL!

Korker ribbon bows.  This is what I am making today... ready?
Got my materials: Ribbon (in appropriate fall colors), dowels (bigger than the suggested 1/4 inch), clothespins (to keep the twirled ribbon on the dowel), starch (to help it keep it's shape), scissors, hair clips, wire (to wire them together), button (for embellishment)...

Step ONE: Preheat your oven to 200 degrees.
Step TWO: While the oven is being preheated, start twirling your ribbon around your dowels... (suggested length of ribbon: whatever you want... on smaller dowels using about 36" works well)

Step THREE: When your dowels are twirled in ribbon, completely drench them in water and then spray with starch (the picture below is me spraying my wet twirled ribbon with starch... I took them outside)

 Step FOUR: Once twirled, wet, and starched, place your dowels into the preheated 200 degree oven for 20 min. The goal is DRY and HOT... :0)  Try to keep the ribbon away from the metal racks... might melt the ribbon.  PS - Don't forget and leave the ribbons in there for too long, they will burn!

Step FIVE: After 20 min. remove from oven.  As with most things that come out of a hot oven - THEY WILL BE HOT, so don't be dumb.  Leave on your counter for 1 min.  Check to make sure they are dry. If they are NOT dry, stick back in oven for 10 minutes at a time until they ARE dry.  If they ARE dry... Undo the clothespins and remove by sliding off one end...

Awww aren't they pretty?!
Now... you have a little pile of Korker ribbons... what to do?  You can use them all for one giant fancy bow... OR you can split it in two and make 2 clips (or attach them to a rubber band and make a hair tie).

Look... mitosis!  I am going to make 2 little korker bows... one to keep... ONE TO GIVE AWAY!
Wait for it...
Here is the almost finished product... I lined up the ribbon, wrapped a wire around the middle, hot glued a flat piece of ribbon on top (to hide the wire) and glued a cute button on top of that... 

AND glued it to a clip that has been covered in more ribbon...

Here is my Cat modeling it's loveliness...

Not bad for a first try... next time I will use a smaller dowel to make tighter curls that stand up a little... even though this bigger more relaxed bow is pretty like curled hair... :)


FOR MY GIVEAWAY: Ways to enter...
1. FOLLOW ME!  I really want to hit 25... well actually I really want to hit 100... but I'm willing to aim for lower goals. Let me know you are... if you already are...
2. Grab my ICMT Monday Button and post it... and let me know :)
3.Comment with an idea for something I can make... THANK YOU!

I will choose a winner and announce next Monday!!



  1. Cheerleaders *shudder* ......
    cute bows!

  2. Here's a web site you might enjoy and is not as time consuming. I just started making these for my granddaughters. http://www.theribbonretreat.com/custom/free_projects.aspx

  3. Wow! that last link is pretty amazing! Those are super cute! and a little less time consuming! :) THANKS SUE!

  4. Gorgeous! I can just see my daughter ripping hers out right now! I'll have to try and make them, thanks for sharing!!!

    I unfortunately was a cheerleader in high school. It was either that or cow tipping in Hughson! ;)

    ~Kori (Summur's sister)


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