Oct 12, 2009


Welcome to my first OFFICIAL ICMT Monday! If you look here, I will explain what this is.
For those who know... I really am sick! Diseased REALLY!  Today the sky looks like this:

Ah rain, FINALLY! I thought, "I should get some yarn and needles out and crochet or knit!"  I was "shopping" recently, and found these on Etsy.  Though I didn't find that exact pattern... (I am still looking), I did find something similar... here.  I also found this super cute "furband". My next natural inclination is to get to work!

If you can crochet already, both of those patterns are SUPER easy... even if you barely remember how, just go to the link and keep following the links on the website and you can remember all you need to.

In the end... this is what I made:

It took me about 2 hours, with re-learning some of the stitches, reading blogs, picking my son up from school, disinfecting the house... here is my lovely model...

Wait! I don't think she was ready, here is an angry Cat, don't remember what she wanted, maybe for me to get my camera out of her face. (Have I mentioned that sometimes I think the "terrible twos" took up residence in my house in the person of my 4.5 yo?) Let's try that again:

MUCH BETTER! This headband can double as an ear warmer this winter.  She must like it, she took it and hid it in her room... or maybe that is NOT what it means!  (Actually she put it in her very special music/ jewelry box... means it's super special).

Here is the furband!

This one only took me about 1 hour, including a phone call or two and giving the kids a bath.

I might just start making these for friends.

Speaking of that... I think I might have a GIVEAWAY!

I will make one personally for you or your little girl, in EITHER style in whichever color you might like!

The way you can win is by:
~ Following me (or reminding me that you are following me)
~ Commenting and leaving a suggested ICMT project for me (please be kind to my budget)
~ Putting me on your blogroll or "following list"
~ You get 2 entries if you blog about it! (just let me know!)

:o) This is my first giveaway - please be kind and enter to win! AND tell others!


  1. Oh yeah! Sinclair would love one! Cartherine looks so cute, great job!I follow you and you are on my roll baby!

  2. Hmmmm....I thought I already followed your blog....what happened to my picture??? It is there on my page but not on yours - weird! Anyway, I am so jealous of your mad knitting skills! Super cute headband! Have you seen Missy's knitting website??? I forgot the address but i will pass it along when I find it!

  3. These are so cute!!! Do you knit scarves too?
    I follow you!


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