Oct 11, 2009

Sunday Soakings

Hello all,
Now that I've been doing this for a couple of weeks, I have observed that the blogs I most enjoy reading (other than those of my friends), are the blogs that read more like a magazine rather than a journal.  One way that this can be accomplished is themed days. This is not something I came up with, but rather something I've observed in other well written blogs.  So, since I sprinkle scripture and my faith into other posts throughout the week, I decided that I am going to soak my Sunday post with a devotional, which I will call "Sunday Soakings".

If you are like me, you spend a little bit of time being sprinkled with different scriptures throughout the week, but Sunday mornings, you immerse yourself in worship and scripture at church... it's like the difference between a shower and a bath...  both get the job done, but there is something extra nice about a nice long soak in a tub.

I hope you will join me on Sundays for my soakings... I look forward to it!

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