Oct 17, 2009

Tick tock tick tock, the holidays are on their way, tick tock tick tock

I forgot! I was participating in this very special holiday tradition over at Emma Calls me Mama  this weekend... so here we go...
I LOVE the holidays... even though I feel like I am on a circular track and spinning closer and closer to the edge of a cliff... I just get tired with all that I commit to.  Every year I say "this year will be different, this year will be ONLY peaceful, calm, content, joyful, without all the CRAZY"... sigh... maybe this year.
The Fall starts with a little PUMPKIN PATCH action:

The best part of the Fall is of course THANKSGIVING.  What a wonderful holiday, positively drenched in family and tradition! Just look at the spread below! How can you NOT love this day?!

The best part of Thanksgiving is the family! Every other year we trade off with each other's families.  Which means a HUGE gathering one year (his), and something a little more personal the next (hers).

A common sight growing up: my Uncle Ralph and my dad playing Scrabble... I have dozens of this one over the years.

Not to mention the chance to take an annual family picture to stick on our Christmas Card...

When we are just living life and not celebrating with food... the weather is pretty nice too!

As Fall turns to Winter... oh what treats await ...

Pictures with Santa... this one makes me laugh.  Have you ever seen a more morose Santa?!

Bringing our Christmas tree home (from the Christmas tree lot). This makes me positively giddy every year!

Watching my kids in Christmas plays every year.  Here's my "Angel" spying on baby Jesus.

My two posing in front of a tree loaded with presents and complete with a train!

Christmas Eve at our church... every year. It feeds my soul!

Waking up on Christmas morning... see what Santa left... and what he took!

A quiet Christmas morning, opening presents, one-at-a-time, laughing and excitement and filled with the Joy that only Christmas can hold...


  1. Hi AJ,
    What adorable children you have! Thank you for sharing your memories with us. Hope you will stop by and visit me. Have a wonderful week.


  2. Wonderful Christmas memories , I have enjoyed my visit.

  3. Great pictures! Your children are cutie pies.

  4. Hello AJ - what wonderful family traditions you share! Such great bonding times. Your kids are precious!

    Thank you for joining me for the party!


  5. Your children are so beautiful. I love all of your family traditons. Look at all that food! Yummy!

    Come visit me sometimes at A Southern Rose.


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