Oct 1, 2009

Vegetarian for a month, week 1

Today is my first meatless day.  As I look forward, I must admit to a little fear and loathing.  First, I won't be eating out a lot, because my memory says that there aren't many choices for vegetarians on the menus of most restaurants... but it will save me money.  My second fear is that I will fail, that I will start as a vegetarian and will freak out and start eating pre-packaged lunch meat or canned chicken out of desperation to eat meat... or I will just pass out from lack of protein... or worse, what if I really end up liking the taste and texture of tofu, and really mess with my peaceful life as an omnivore.

Peaceful because my family is full of omnivores, and I don't want to be THAT vegetarian who starts to cry because someone cooked a poor defenseless chicken... or start dry heaving at the table when they pull out the roast.  For goodness sake, I even voted against giving chickens extra space in their cages in the last election.  Not to mention the uncomfortable problem of omnivores trying to "cook for" a vegetarian.  But, as usual, I am getting ahead of myself.

This week I will be eating yogurt, toast, eggs, and cereals for breakfast, salads loaded with nuts and cheese and pita, hummus, spinach, tomato and cucumber wraps for lunch and for dinner:
Spaghetti ... I will be cooking theirs with meat, and mine will have vegetarian "crumbles" mixed in with the sauce... plus a side of cooked zucchini (that I alone will eat.. I guarantee it) and garlic bread.
Pizza ... I will be eating out that night at Chili's... I'm sure I will blog about it later - I'm planning on looking for a roasted veggie quesadilla or something.
Baked Chicken and rice ... I will be eating a vegetarian version of a chicken breast... (I shudder) and of course a side of cooked veggies... and did I mention rice?
Potato Cheese Soup... I might be nice and fry up some bacon for the fam...  This is a vegetarian meal I already make, that everyone mostly likes.  I will cook up some broccoli for my soup... just to add a little something extra.
Tacos... again, meat for the family, and I MIGHT use the rest of the "crumbles" and season them with Taco seasoning... if it's gross, I will just eat beans in mine.
Dinner at my Brother and sister-in-law's house.  I will eat a salad... and raw veggies.  Maybe I will make some cooked veggies (broccoli cheese casserole anyone?) for a side dish to "help" out.

 My goal this month is to see if I can eat vegetarian without messing with the tranquility of my family, getting all "high and mighty", down and granola or becoming a vegetarian activist.  What I want is to see is if this article at SparkPeople was telling the truth about the health benefits of being a vegetarian or at least a flexitarian (semi-vegetarian), and see if it can make a difference in how I feel, lose some weight and maybe help me win the fight against my genes... with the high cholesterol, heart disease and other weight-related health issues, which seems to, at times, loom over my head like a rain cloud.

I might even try some vegetarian recipes (don't hold your breath), or at least start reading websites like Meatless Monday or start ascribing to The Slow Food Movement, which really is a nice thought... and not too far out from where I already am.   The most important part of this experiement is to see if I can be healthy eating the way God made me to eat.   Well, that and to be wierd.

Hope you will enjoy my meatless misery... or joy!  Happy reading!


  1. You are weird! I think you were made for meat eating, that is why God gave you those pointy teeth! But I applaud your willingness to try something different. Different is good. For me, I am trying to use the crock pot for 30 days, but that is just me lol!

  2. Love the clip art! Happy eating!

  3. SPEAKING FROM THE CRIBOctober 2, 2009 at 6:42 PM

    you are a brave brave woman! i grew up on a farm where we had meat n taters at every single meal. really, the cows understand.

    GOOD LUCK and thanks for being a new follower over at the crib and following you back!

  4. Meat grosses me out most of the time. Preparing it is the worst. But I still eat it.
    It's hard to make a lifestyle change--good for you! I think you'll do great.

  5. BTW, that's mean about the chickens. I am going to leave some extra Boycott KFC flyers around town to make up for your vote. Hahaha

  6. This is great news! I can't wait to hear more. Not all of your family is omnivore.

    My favorite foods are:
    - Baked tofu sandwiches, esp. rubens.
    - Soy yogurt + pecan granola
    - Smoothies and wheat grass shots (1 double shot of wheat grass = 6 to 8 servings of raw organic veggies & nice poo)
    - sweet potato lasagna
    - lettuce wraps with sweet/soy veggies
    - bbq beans with fake bacon chopped into tiny pieces
    - Tacos

    When I feel like I need a break from vegan I am more likely to eat meat than dairy. From what I've read dairy products are worse for human health than meats. Also, Americans have been lied to about how much protein we actually need by a corrupt FDA. I feel better/more energy/happier having less protein. Tons of protein in broccoli.


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