Nov 13, 2009

55 Fiction Fridays - The moment

Hello my fellow bloggers and writers. Today I will not explain what this is. If you want to know... click on the label that says "55 Fiction Friday" (or the button) and read the last 2 posts... they will tell you what you need to know.  I will say: this is a work of fiction in 55 words. (54 today, I think).  Enjoy.
Simple Sweet Inspiration
The moment
The darkness of the room
confused her drugged mind.

They gathered around her
in masks.

Her anxiety increased,
he was hurting her.

She fought the waves of panic,
the pain.

The moment arrived,
they approached her,

she took a deep breath,
another, still another

and the doctor placed
her newborn son in her arms.



  1. OMGoodness..............I forgot it was Friday.
    That story was amazing! Very good!

  2. Love it. But got stuck on the hurting part. SCARED.
    ps I'm now following!


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