Nov 30, 2009

ICMT Mondays! Christmas Countdown meets Advent

One time I saw this:

I "felt" (bahaha) inspired!

But being a little bit of a treeaphob (I mean, we do have a Christmas tree in our house, but ever since Jr. High when someone enlightened me to the truth behind the tree, I've become increasingly sensitive to using tree-themed decorating, because I AM NOT A DRUID)... maybe I'll write about that later this month.

ANYways.  Not wanting another Christmas tree in my house, I decided to create an "Advent/Christmas Countdown" wreath for a door in my house.  I am not sure which door.

So, this is what I am making:

I know it doesn't look like much now... but later you will see... ah yes, you will see how cute it will be!

I am going to make little pockets all over the front from these fabrics:

 I cut them up to be 3"x4" right now, but will probably make some a little smaller and some a little bigger.

I am thinking about using felt and cutting out numbers for each day... but I haven't completely decided that yet... I'll admit.  I'm also thinking about making "tags" that will hang on the front of each pocket... with the day number on it.  I imagine the next thing you'll see is the wreath with NO numbers and lots (well, hopefully JUST 25) pockets.

I'll get back to ya later this week! Gotta go make dinner!




  1. oooh, i'm anxious to see when you have it all put together....

  2. I'll live vicariously through you and your craftiness. That is going to be cute!

  3. Can't wait to see how it turns out! My mom made us a felt one last year, but it's just the shape of a giant rectangle with pockets. I'll be sharing it on my blog soon! This year I'm putting in little activities to do each day. Starts tomorrow!!

  4. Looking forward to the finished product!


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