Nov 2, 2009

ICMT Mondays! GIVEAWAY! Birdie Birdie... who wants a birdie?

LET ME NOT FORGET... WINNER OF MY CROCHET DOUBLE FLOWER... Jennifer B from My Not so Hurried Life.  I've sent you an email! Thanks for visiting!

Simple Sweet Inspiration

Onto today's project...

I was just returning a visit to The Good, The Bad and The Ugly and happened upon one of her posts that featured a super cute bird pattern from Spool. (Check out the sidebar under free patterns.)

I decided that what better project could I do today, since I have nothing better to do with my time...(NOT!) I figure it will be a darling Christmas Ornament... or I could glue a few on a stick and hang it in my PRINCESSES room... or just make a few, because they are SOOOO CUTE!

Now... what did I do with that fabric?
AH here it is!

Now to trace and cut...  and sew...

40 min later...

Bent my needle :oP

A little stuffing... and they turned out CUTE!

Top view.

A new toy for each kid.  SO FUN!

Want one for your holiday decorating?  Or a toy for a favorite kid... or a fancy new ornament for your tree??

This is what you do:
~Grab my ICMT button... and let me know!

Simple Sweet Inspiration

~ Follow me - comment and let me know!
~ Comment
~ Give me a suggestion for a fast and easy ICMT project... give me a link for an extra entry!
~ Give me blog love and post this on your blog... and let me know!!

This contest will end NEXT Monday, November 9th.



  1. Those are cute! I need to get my machine out, I wish I had a sewing room!

  2. Those are SO cute!!! Oh and I am a follower. :)

  3. Hey that is me!!!

    I love the birds, they turned out great! Who woud have known they were so easy to make!

    Thanks for visiting and thanks for linking me.

    I will be back for more ICMT Mondays!

  4. love the birds... you could make them out of black and they would be a perfect prim crow... you could also fill them with catnip for the kitties they love them...

    thanks so much for stopping by AJ and becoming a follower... I am on the hunt right now for some new material to work on and finish off the few things I already started... my real job interferes with my fun job... but one of them has to support the other habit...

    Have a great day... see you soon...
    Hugs Deb

  5. Very clever and VERY CUTE! One of these days I am going to learn to sew appropriately, hehe. I was tickled to see you live in Modesto...I used to live in Stockton. =)

  6. so cute! lovely fabric,a nd the kids look so happy with their new toys!


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