Nov 16, 2009

ICMT Mondays! Puppet Theatre!

In case if you were looking for a giveaway today... I am so sorry, but I can't give this one away... I only made one and it won't mail well! Not that many people enter into homemade giveaways... so I may be taking a break from all of that!

Simple Sweet Inspiration

This is one of those crafts that doesn't take much time, but it takes up A LOT of space in my living room... for now.  When life hands you a broken washer (that costs more to repair than buying a new one will), make a PUPPET THEATRE out of the BOX of the new one!

OR if you aren't so fortunate to get a new washer (just before CHRISTMAS!), go down to the closest home improvement/ appliance store and ask for a washing machine box.  It's worth it.  Believe me.

So where do we start?

I've got some puppets!
Mom cut the hole in the front... leaving plenty of space at the bottom for me to sit hidden.

Then she cut a door in the back for easy access.

Here I am, adding some decorations to the box. Mom duct taped around the entire front opening, to protect against cardboard cuts and to make it seem more "finished".  She then taped some large poster sized sheets of white paper for me to color on... this way she didn't have to wait for paint to dry (and I didn't either).

She happened to have some old homemade curtains from a previous decoration scheme, so she cut those up and hot glued one panel inside on the "ceiling" about 10 inches away from the "stage". Then she took some strong twine and doubling it up, hot glued some tacks into the cardboard on the front to make a "curtain rod" and strung up the curtains.

My first show...

Four hands makes it so much fun!

My brother and I are going into show business!

I think you could make it too... really I do! Any ideas for me? I'd love to hear them! Have a fabulous day!



  1. That was a great show! Sinclair really enjoyed it:)

  2. Hi! Here from Stirrup Queens' ungame post. Great show!

  3. so cute. She's like my cats...loves boxes.

  4. So fun. I wish I could live with myself if I got the kids nothing but cardboard boxes for Christmas, they would love it but somehow I would feel guilty that I didn't buy them stuff.

  5. what a great show and great idea!!! :)

    (from stirrup queen)

  6. SPEAKING FROM THE CRIBNovember 17, 2009 at 10:02 AM

    my son and i hide behind the couch and do it but that's way cooler

  7. Super cute! I am not sure what you left on my blog...I looked at the link but I didnt see my blog...I am so confused!!!

  8. My son and I made a rocket ship out of a moving box and we had it for years. I remember playing with boxes when my grandparents would get a new appliance. Fun stuff!


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