Nov 25, 2009

The last Off-center thanksgiving post! 81-100 I can't believe I'm done! :)

Off Center Thanksgiving
81. I am thankful for my pillow. I need it to sleep. It is privy to my inner most thoughts (if it can read minds), it listens to my prayers, it comforts my head.

82. That I have 2 children. If I didn't my son would still ask me every 10 seconds "Mommy, will you play with me? Mommy, what are you doing? Mommy, can I tell you something?" It goes on and on. They keep each other occupied.

83. That I don't really have a cell phone. I actually don't. It's amazing I know. People look at me like I have a growth on my face when I tell them. I don't because we really can't afford one. That said, my hubby went and got one of those "go-phones" because we've come to a place in our life where there are definite moments when we REALLY need a cell phone. But I am not giving the number out. I'm not. It's not for that purpose.

84. That I am not named Yvonne. In light of the fact we just got a phone, the number apparently used to belong to someone named Yvonne. She apparently has a problem with her Chase credit card. Enough that they called her 4 times a day since we turned the dumb thing on. I tell you. I am NOT Yvonne. Please leave me alone!

85. My warm, wooly jacket. I love it. It makes me happy. People comment on it. :) I got it as a hand-me-down from a friend. I love that!

86. Hand-me-downs. My kids would not dress nearly as cute as they do without friends who have clothes to give me. Especially Caryn from Team Kyte. She gives me all her older boys clothes. Ben will never be naked.

87. That I am a crafty individual. God made me that way. I can make almost anything that is simple enough to be made by hand. I love to make anything. In fact, keep your eyes open for my etsy shop.

88. Knitting and crocheting. I love yarn and making things with yarn. It makes me feel connected to my roots. (You know... when women of yore knitted clothes for their family. Don't tell me they didn't what do you know!)

89. Tea. When I was in high school my mom would drink tea with me in the afternoons and we would talk about my day. It was a good time. I love tea for several reasons, but really, this is the main reason.

90. Long Hair. I have grown my hair out and chopped it off several times in my life. I like having long hair. It makes me feel pretty. SO BACK OFF! Just because everyone else likes to have short hair doesn't mean I want to too!

91. Trees. They are peaceful. Have you ever sat and watched a tree? Laid under it's branches? They exude a peace, a stable, slowly waving, leaves brushing, branches creaking simple peace. It's such a shame people take them for granted.

92. My part time job. I love that I can stay home most of the time and work a handful of hours each week. I love that my job is meaningful. I work with pregnant and parenting teens. We teach independent living skills. We play games and make crafts. We share life. I love that I am a part of that.

93. Laughter. I need this daily. I laugh a LOT! I really do. I love laughing so hard you cry. I love laughing on top of laughter. You know, when you can't breathe and you feel like screaming with laughter... sometimes you start coughing.

94. Photographs on my walls. They tell the story of my life. I love looking at my past, to dream about my future. It's poetic.

95. Thanksgiving. When else can you excuse eating 3 meals worth of calories at one meal? I mean really? I love that it's almost always the same meal. I love the tradition, the sleepy feeling you get after the meal and the random conversations that are had. It's a great moment to pause and reflect on your blessings.

96. This:

97. This:

98. This:

99. This:

100. AND THIS:

I will admit that I am a big cheater.  What's your point?! LOL!

Remember to chew slowly,

laugh often,
play well with others,
and don't drink too much!



  1. LOL on the thigh one! You did it! Way to go lady!

  2. You did it! And you did it well! Enjoy your day tomorrow!

  3. Happy American Thanksgiving. Funny to read about it now when we did it all back in October. :)

    Visiting from IComWeLeave.

  4. I loved these! Have a blessed day!

  5. I am thankful for blueberry pie. Mmmmm... Mmm.

  6. I love these and agree with many of them! I'm especially grateful for tea, My long Hair, Laughter and Trees and many more on your list! Very inspiring!

  7. Happy TG to you to AJ! I love that you love tea. I want to love tea. But I really love coffee instead.

  8. I wish I could knit. Learning has been on my to-do list for a long time. (Maybe after I give up blogging....,) Also, if I wasn't able to laugh, I would go insane. (er)

  9. I just found your blog! Love the cartoons! Too funny!


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