Nov 18, 2009

Off Center Thanksgiving... finding small and strange things to be thankful for. 1-10

Today I am starting a week-long experience, which I would LOVE if you joined in. This means that all of my other regularly programed posts will come back next week...

Off Center Thanksgiving

Every year I reflect on what I am thankful for. Every year it's the same things. Family, Friends, Faith, Health and Provision. Rinse and Repeat.

THIS YEAR... I am going to be thankful for those other things.
The things I hardly ever say thank you for. Let's get this party started!

1. Aglets - if you don't know what these are... it's the little tiny plastic covers on the tips of your shoelaces... they make life so much easier. Don't believe me? Cut them off and try to lace your shoes...

2. Genetics - I am so glad that I have an excuse for many of my negative traits. For example: I am fat. Which is fine, because my dad is fat. This is a perfect excuse for having a lack of self control. Without genetics, I would have no excuse for my random bouts of depression (I would just be feeling sorry for myself). Sagging boobs, bad skin, gray hair... it's lovely to blame these things on genetics.

3. My parents - For the same reason, I am glad I have parents. Not just because they are supportive, generally nice people, but this way I can blame my deeply rooted problems on them. I expect that my children will do the same.

4. That I only have 2 children. Sometimes I watch other people's kids. Kids are annoying and they demand A LOT of time. Even when they are 8. Or 10. or 12. Especially when they are 4 and 6. I am so glad we stopped when we did. I am really glad my hubby made it a permanent decision.

5. That my son has an abnormally amazing memory. He really is freakish. Only 6 years old and can read at a 3rd grade level. Because he can memorize words. He could count to 20 at 21 months. I love this because it makes us look good. and we really didn't do anything. It's true.

6. That nobody knows I am really smart. My hubby has an IQ above 140, mine weighs in around 125... when you hang out with a genius, it makes you seem less intelligent. This way people are surprised when I say something smart. Lower expectations = lower stress. Again, this is genetics. I love genetics.

7. My vacuum. Sure, it's a chore. But really... could you imagine what life would be like WITHOUT a vacuum. What a mess.

8. School. Not just because it makes my son smarter... though I am not sure it does that. But rather, it's a place I can take him, and he can talk to other people for a few hours every day... instead of talking to me. Not that I don't like to talk to him. I love him. But he started making noise at 3 months... and honestly NEVER STOPPED. I have asked him to stop making noise. He won't.

9. Pre-school. Some place I can take my daughter so she can talk to someone else. I honestly don't understand how I ended up with 2 kids who have so much to say. I don't know where they get all of these ideas. I am somewhat confused by this. But she doesn't stop talking either. Ever.

10. People who respond to my blogs. Especially if they follow it too. It justifies the time I spend on this computer. People read me. People follow me. I must not be wasting my time.

More tomorrow!


  1. SPEAKING FROM THE CRIBNovember 18, 2009 at 4:45 PM

    looking forward to hearing what this is about

  2. Nice list! I love my vacuum too... I have a Dyson, best vac ever!!!

  3. Great list! I too am grateful for my children. My three daughters! I don't see ever having more. Three is quite a handful for me. :)

  4. Vacuums so make life better! Also, every time I bite my cheek I am always thankful for the time when my cheek was not all swollen and irritating inside - biting your cheek is awful and annoying - I should be more thankful when it is as it should be......

  5. Very funny!And I can tell you are very smart! Matt also has a high IQ, which makes me look really dumb.....but I use to be smart. I keep on telling u this. I think I keep on saying this out loud so I will one day possess a brain again:)Good things to be thankful for Mama!

  6. Shout out from another reader with a smarty-pants husband. The kids call him "Computer Brain". I'm thankful for schools and teachers, too.

  7. i have a vaccuum but it picks up i sweep. i guess more calories burned. and i have 3 kids. still wondering do i want more. 3 kids under age 4


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