Nov 24, 2009

Off Center Thanksgiving... finding strange things to be thankful for. 61-80

Talk about procrastinating! I hope I can get this done before midnight! I really need to go to sleep!
Off Center Thanksgiving
61. Being a mammal. I totally dig being warm blooded. So many things about being a bird or reptile that I don't like.

62. My Kitchenaid Mixer. It makes it fun to bake!

63. Being able to bake. Because it would suck if I couldn't do this...

64. Flylady. After baking 2 pies, 3 dozen cookies, a dozen baked potatoes, and making dinner for my family, my kitchen was a mess.  Flylady makes my life better, because instead of having my breakfast dishes and lunch dishes to clean up too, I was done with all of that, and I cleaned as I went.  So by the time my second pie was cooling on the counter... my kitchen looked like this:

65. Being a mother. I may complain, but children really are a blessing from God. Not to mention the fact that they provide hours of endless humor. For example: Sadly, last weekend one of the teachers at my son's school died suddenly from a stroke. He wasn't very old, maybe late 50s; he was well known for his charisma and was well loved by other staff and students alike. This is so very sad. My husband and I are talking with our 6 year old about this, trying to see how it's affecting him. The conversation goes like this:
My Husband: You need to try to be extra nice to the children from his class.
My Son: Why?
My Husband: Because they are so sad that their teacher died.
Are you ready for the sensitive, empathetic response my son gave?
My Son: Why? They have a sub. (at this point my eyes are watering from not laughing... because it would be wrong... but WHAT? Excuse me?! What is wrong with that kid?)
My Husband: Oh Ben, they will be sad for a long time. They'll never forget him.
My Son: Oh, I'm sure they'll forget him, eventually.

It's conversations like this that bring humility. Apparently we missed something as we've trained him up... like, I don't know, caring about other people's grief. So strange, but it's all part of being a mommy. I wouldn't trade it!

66. Starbucks.  I love driving through and getting good coffee.  So what if they charge a million dollars per year to utilize this "convenience".

67. McDonalds.  I love to eat breakfast at McDonalds.  It makes me happy.  Especially when they are playing that Monopoly game.  I could win something.

68. The Lotto.  It gives poor people everywhere the dream of making big bucks by buying a piece of paper for a few bucks.  At least we can dream.

69. Phineas and Ferb.  If you don't know what I am talking about... get up from your desk right now, go to your tv and turn to the Disney Channel. Find out when the next Phineas and Ferb is coming on and plan to watch it.  It's really funny.  Plus my kids like it.  SCORE!

70. My little ponies.  They are small, plastic, and have long flowing manes.  Enough said.

71.  My camera.  Because I need to take a picture of EVERYTHING.  I do.
72. KLOVE.  They may play the same 12 songs over and over.  But I like those songs.
73. Facebook.  Yet another way we can have false intimacy.  Besides I like stupid quizes and pointless games. Don't you?
74. My friends.  I would go mad.  I need them to keep sane. True story.
75. Wine.  I would go mad.  I need it to keep sane. True story.
76. Sand between my toes.  Most people don't like it because it's ... sandy. I love how free I feel when I stand barefoot on the beach.
77. Electric blankets.  I gave one to my hubby for his birthday.  I love it.  I want to kiss it goodnight every night.  It makes me so happy to get into bed.
78. The Library.  I love the smell of library books.  I love to enter into that big room and everyone is quiet.  It's so peaceful.
79. Fog.  It's like a blanket, muting sounds, darkening the sky.  I love it because it makes me nostalgic for when I was a kid and I walked to the bus stop in the fog many times (when I lived in Fresno, CA), I felt insulated from the world around me.  Makes me feel calm. (unless I'm driving in it.)
80. Old People.  I mean people older than 80.  I love that they have LIVED so much history.  It makes me feel so young and inexperienced.

20 more to go!  I won't be checking my blog for a few days after tomorrow's post.  Please don't desert me! I'll be back!



  1. I am enjoying this list very much.

    Nice baking!

    #65 is hilarious

    Really on #79...FOG. It make smy summers miserable here on the peninsula!

    I will have to blog about the time winning #68 almost happened to us!

    Happy Thanksgiving.


  2. I really don't think kids at age 6 can process grief the way adults do. That conversation was priceless.

    I bow to your greatness at #64.
    I hope to be thankful for #62 at Christmas.
    I agree with #69 (very clever show) and am right there with you on #75.

  3. What a great idea! I love this list.

    We love Phineas and Ferb around here.

  4. WHAT?! You're leaving for more than one day?! I am outta here.



  6. I'm glad Flylady works for you because I honestly thought she was on crack when I tried her site... :)

  7. I had to give up on the Flylady a few years back. But she did help me learn the power of 15 minutes. I set a timer for myself and/or my kids at least once per day in order to finish tasks.


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