Dec 7, 2009

ICMT Mondays! Giveaway and Other random thoughts

Hello bloggy friends!

Random Thought #1:
Today it is freezing here in Central California. Literally. We are expecting lows around 27 degrees tonight. Officially, we are all a bunch of babies! I am concerned for my orange tree... and I think it's cold, PLUS I am bitter that I didn't see it snow today. Maybe later. Of course, even temperatures in the 30s won't keep us from getting our tree tonight! I am so excited!

Random Thought #2:
I can't believe it! THIS is my 99th post! I AM ALMOST to 100! YAY!
I realize for many of you, this is 3 months of work. I lack follow-through, so this is amazing, really!

Finally: What am I going to make today?!
I have an odd ICMT Monday treat! It's not a hand-craft, it's more of a computer project... today I am making my own business!

I have found an enjoyable hobby, which is designing blogs and etsy banners. Who knew that I could love it this much!?

If you want to see my first PAID job, hop over to Kate Kaiser Designs, which I just remodeled for her. I gave her a new layout, header, button and background! It was fun!

So, I have an etsy shop, for etsy business boosters, and for the odd bow or necklace. I am planning on using my blog to be the go-to spot for my blog design business, to keep that additional 3% in my paypal account (I could be breaking some etsy rules, but what are they going to do?).

Making a blog design is a little time consuming, but is so rewarding!
At first, I started with a Cutest blog on the block background. Finally I designed my own blog and header, to make it more me. By the time you learn some basic html and start to understand how to redesign layouts and such, it makes sense to do it for other people too!

For today's giveaway, I will remodel your blog for you (for free)! I can do the complete package, including a new or revamped header, layout, background and button or I can do just a partial remodel. If you love your header, but wish your background didn't have a cutestblogontheblock logo on it, or if you love the background, but wish your header was more "you", I can do that too! A button or two, an extra column added? I'm the girl for you!

The ways to win:
- Be a follower here and be sure to remind me of that!
- Head over to my new Blog Design Blog (bahaha) Simple Sweet Design and follow there too!
- Leave me a comment over there to give me some encouragement

Off to finish designing that Blog! Thanks for playing! This contest will end next Monday, December 14th at 10am West COAST time! :)



  1. Wow you are amazing!I want to post my button but I still do not get it:( Helppp!!!!!

  2. Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick MEEE! I am a follower here. Off to see the design blog...

  3. Look at you Miss Self taught Blog wizard! I'm not jealous of your talents or anything... ;)

    I'm a follower here and there and commented both places! Crossing my fingers for a win! :)

  4. Super KEWL that U taught yourself bloggy design....So neato!

    Congrats on your first design job! You obviously have a knack for it. I'm not entering the bloggy design thingy just commenting on your wonderful blog...;)

    See ya later!

  5. I've been wanting a new do and a button to boot! You know I'm a follower and I'm heading over to your "other place". Good luck with this endeavor!

  6. hello,

    I actually found you via Kate's blog, so not only you get nice hobby/business you also get free marketing :)

    best wishes in your future projects


  7. The blog you designed looks fantastic! Great job!!


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