Dec 6, 2009

Sunday Soaking - An obese, smoker who encourages materialism in our children through manipulation. What is this season REALLY about?

Is anyone else disturbed by all of this? Worshiping a Christmas tree by placing offerings below it and making it pretty? Is this season about decorating your house? Buying or receiving gifts? Is it about that fat guy with all the presents? BTW, before you get all offended for St. Nicholas, the current Santa is really not much like that benevolent, kind hearted man. Is the Season really about celebrating the birth of Jesus, which, really... it didn't happen in December. It just didn't. I know, weren't expecting this one right?

I don't know what Christmas means to you, but I challenge you to really reflect on what you are making this season about.

As a Christian, it is a time for me to reflect on the gift of Christ to our world. I love the holiday traditions and singing spiritual Christmas carols, I love the idea of the virgin Mary and the baby Jesus, but I prefer to think about the miracle of a baby that grew to be the Savior of the world.

I whine during December when I feel like I am constantly going 100 mph in all directions, complain about the demands the extended family might place on us... but really what else is it about?  It's not really about opening presents on Christmas morning. It's about spending time with the friends and family that God gave you.  Wherever they are.

No scripture today.  Just a question.

What is Christmas really about?  What do you LOVE about the season?



  1. I have really grown to despise the gift giving aspect of the season. I love the traditions, the warmth and closeness of family, laughs, baking, pretty much everything but the gifts.

  2. Well you already know that we don't do Santa at my house. To me, it is about celebrating Jesus birth. The songs and decorations are lovely. And it is nice to give presents to my kids. (Not that they need anything.) But the bottom line is that Christmas is about Jesus being sent from Heaven to Earth to save us from sin. And my kids know that, too.

  3. Basically it about celebrating Jesus' birthday. I usually bake a cake and on Dec 25th we all eat come cake and reflect upon Jesus' life.
    We also serve others in our community, our church in December more than ever.
    We really should be like this ALL year round not just in December. I have tried to teach my kids this. And yes, we still do the Santa thing too. Cause the spirit of Santa is service too.;)
    Thanks 4 asking...;)

  4. For us it is about the miracle of Jesus' birth and the fulfillment of prophecy. That He truly is the Savior of all. We ahve had a chat with our boys about St Nicholas vs Santa and we celebrate the spirit of St. Nick. Lyv is too young but she does not ask for endless toys and really isn't much in to the big jolly guy. It is also about tradition, family, love and cookies....lots and lots of cookies!

  5. Sometimes we just need to vent to let it all out! Very valid points. We believe in St. Nick as it is tradition in both families. With that said, the kids very well know what Christmas is truly about and are so in love with Jesus!

    Come on over to my blog and pick up the "sugar" I left for you!

  6. I am the child of a born again christian minister so I know better than to think that Christs' birth was actually in December. As far as ANY holiday that celebrates love, and family, etc. MY view on it is this: Why do we not act like this ALL the time? Why is it that only on Valentine's Day we act special to that special someone, but for the rest of the year we are (excuse the language) douche bags? Why can't we be Thankful everyday, not just Thanksgiving? Why do we only gift on Christmas. Just a few ramblings. However, that being said, I DO cherish the holidays for the most important thing in my life: My Family. check this entry out I think you might find it interesting So, in summary, Although I do cherish the holidays, I think people should just act better towards each other YEAR ROUND. Thanks for Sharing, and sorry about the short novel I am leaving as a comment.

  7. Great post lady with an hilarious title,lol! We are not going to do the Santa thing in our house.I am going to make an apple cinnamon cake for breakfast sing happy birthday to Jesus and talk about the gift from our Savior. Then we will exchange one gift........I reserve the right to change my mind in the future:)
    That is just my weird take on it.

  8. i love dressing my cats up like jesus and playing mary.


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