Dec 28, 2009

Tipsy Tuesday - Disneyland with Children... af few more tips.

Hello! You are reading a scheduled posting. I am taking a hiatus from blogging so I can be with my family for Christmas and then in DISNEYLAND for 5 days! I will miss you, some. Feel free to comment, I will get back to you on New Year's Eve.

For those who read last weeks tips, I have to add something to the suggestion of October for the best time to go: If you are a family who chooses to keep your children innocent, perhaps you should avoid the first week of October at Disneyland. It is a week that celebrates homosexuality. They hold hands and kiss and stuff. FYI. Not gay bashing... just giving fair warning.

Evidence of the small crowds: this was the middle of the morning in Fantasy Land!
In no particular order... some more tips: (photos are from our trip in October 2007, my son was 4.5 and my daughter was 2.5)
Best rides for toddlers: Canal Boats
Casey Jr.
The Carousel. Side note: see my kids dressed in costumes? This is really common. If you haven't been before, take a Princess dress for your daughter. She'll thank you!
Besides: if you don't bring a costume, how can you get a picture like this:

The Character Breakfast costs A LOT of money, but it's worth it for a "relaxed" visit from Minnie and others.
But, you CAN still catch them in Toon Town at Mickey's house:

The story here is that my dear daughter was watching some old Mickey Mouse cartoons just before we went to meet Mickey.  In one of them, Pluto drowns and dies.  Nice, I know.  The first words out of her mouth: "Hey Mickey, I have to tell you something: Pluto's dead".  One of the strangest things I have ever heard a 2 year old say.  We were all crying trying NOT to laugh.
This next picture is of my son pulling the Sword out of the stone.  Be sure you catch this show, Merlin will pick a lucky kid out of the audience... my son was the lucky kid! You can find this one in front of the Carousel.
This next one is another one of those "shows", in Tomorrow land, it's called the Jedi academy.  A couple dozen kids get chosen to fight the bad guys.  Here is my son (again) fighting Darth Vader. If you have a 5-10 year old boy, I guarantee it will be worth the wait!

Please remember that your kids will still throw fits. They will be tired, over stimulated and have to wait in a lot of lines. Be patient. Take pictures. hehehe.
This is in California Adventures at the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail: A play area for kids, featuring a wilderness-like setting and suspension and wire bridges.
Great place to "run" off energy, because they still have some. It's a nice little area with fun features!
That's it for this post.

Have a great day! (I know I am)
Just me, AJ


  1. Oh my gosh I completely forgot about the month of October and I used to work there haha. Thanks for the tip that's very useful for families with children. Looks like you had a great time.

  2. Can't wait to take my babies:)
    Have fun in DL!

  3. We LOVED the character breakfast too! I have some of the greatest photos from that. Bug wore her Cinderella dress and it was the best. It's particularly important if you're doing the princess faire--which was by far Bug's most favorite thing to one day...with a 2 hour line...

  4. By the way, that last comment was from me...logged in as my husband on accident...:o)

  5. Love the pictures!

    And...Pluto dies?? Jeepers. Poor Pluto.

  6. Looks like fun..."Pluto's dead" - classic for all time! We go to Disney (usually) in October our kids have some wacky break in the second week and it is a great time to go!

  7. WHAT? Pluto died? Heeeheehe!!! It looks like ya'll had a wonderful time. Christmas and kids...ya just can't beat it.

    You and yours have a very Happy New Year and God bless ya'll!!!

  8. I can't believe your daughter told Mickey that Pluto is dead! That is hysterical!

    Happy New Year to all of you!


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