Dec 17, 2009

Would someone please explain the unexplainable?

Story one.
I have a cousin I had lost track of. On Tuesday morning, my husband and I were talking about her, randomly. I commented that I should look her up on Facebook. Later that day, I did exactly that. Unfortunately I couldn't find her. I spent probably 10 minutes searching for her in as many different ways I could think of. She wasn't there.

Later that night, as I was shutting down my computer, I checked Facebook one more time, I had a friend request.


It was my cousin. She found me.
Is that beyond weird? How can that be explained?

Story #2.
Sleeping soundly later that night, I was suddenly woken at just about 4am by my husband jumping out of bed and running down the hall.

Startled and a little concerned I followed, thinking that maybe he was walking in his sleep or something. I get to the living room to see his shadow holding onto the Christmas Tree.
Me "What are you doing"
Him "The tree just fell over"
Me "What?"
Him "The tree just fell over"

Yes, randomly and for no obvious reason (i.e. NO cat in the house, children stirring, something falling onto the tree) our Christmas tree fell over and {fortunately} onto our K'Nex "Ball Machine". Nothing was broken (well, the Ball Machine wasn't looking so hot, but it was repairable). No ornaments were broken though there were about 25 or so on the ground.

We spent the next 30 minutes cleaning up the mess. My son also had a bad dream at that moment too, and came out just as we were starting to clean up the mess.

Two things in a short amount of time. Both strange and almost unexplainable. What is God trying to tell me?

What about you, has anything unexplainable happened to you recently? What is your best "psychic" story?

Sorry I haven't been writing as much, the Christmas Season, parties, cleaning and more have all been keeping me away from my idle habits. Ah well. I've missed you all. I hope to get back in the groove here, but starting on the 26th I will be in Disneyland... for 5 days.

For now, as I assume I will not get to write tomorrow, I will leave you with a video my husband made.  It is lovely! You won't be sorry you took the time to watch it.

Just me, AJ


  1. Awesome video! I just love Christmas so much.

  2. Forgot to say...about the FB thing---CRAZY!!

  3. A beautiful tribute! I loved it.

    Okay: My Christmas "psychic" story: - We had recently moved into our new home and Phoebe, my indoor cat, somehow managed to get outside. We searched high and low for her for 2 days. Forlorned, we prayed for Phoebe and went to bed Christmas Eve with heavy hearts. That night I had a dream about where to find her and woke up with a start. I rushed downstairs, went outside and peered under the deck. Sure enough there was our sweet kitty! The best Christmas present ever!

  4. So many it would probable freak ya'll out. I spend waaaay too much time alone on the Ponderosa!

    Have a wonderfully blessed weekend enjoying the season with friends and family.

  5. i swear that happens to me with facebook all the time. I will look for someone, won't be able to find them and next thing I know - I get an email or a friend request.

    Another time in college - I heard the song "in your wildest dreams" by the moody blues. I told my roommate about it when I got home and he said - he didn't know the song. But he said - turn on the radio and it will be on. I was like - no way - that song is like ten years old - it won't be on. And he said trust me - this happens to me all the time. Sure enough - it was on.

    I think psychic energy does have power. that sounds weird but I do believe we have the ability to influence things. there is truth to the idea of "positive" and "negative" energy.

    Happy Holidays everyone!

  6. How bizarre is that FB story! I don't have anything like THAT that I can share. Creepy!

  7. I love those kinds of stories! I don't hink it's anything God, in particular is trying to get across, my own feeling is , is that your're probably just a liiiiittle bit more intune with your senses/the universe. Maybe you are just paying more attention.

    GREAT stories!

  8. We had the same Christmas tree story one year. My husband and I woke up at the same time not knowing why, but we checked the living room and there was the tree was on its side.

    And too often, we have the "esp" experience of thinking of someone (usually a patient of ours) that will call or come into the office. It's freaky. Our office assistant hums the Twilight Zone theme song when it happens!

    Great video!! My son played Joseph in our Live Nativity last weekend. It was awesome. He sang Joseph's Song by Michael Card. Great insight.


  9. Crazy FB! Lucky you no broken ornaments! 5 days at are a trooper!

  10. Strange things like that happen to me all the time. If I start thinking about or talking about someone I haven't seen in a long time, they are guaranteed to show up in some form or another. Or I will dream about someone and they call me the next day. Things like that...,


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