Jan 12, 2010

A romance from yours truly...

I am not sure that anyone reads all of my various OCD memes, but I am trying to take a little break from them to expand my horizons. If this doesn't work out, I will go back to those sweet little memes, but I must say that my observation is that people tend to comment on NON-meme's more. I will admit to being a comment junkie.

I have a story to tell, so (clears throat) here goes. I am going to tell it in 3rd person, because I like stories better in the 3rd person. It might take more than one post, but I am sure you will be riveted. Sorry this first chapter is so freaking long! I promise you won't be sorry...

Chapter one: How Cliche'!

Alissa looked at her reflection in the mirror, her eyes taking in every imperfection and extra pound. "Well, it's not like I am planning on finding a boyfriend at this point" she thought, "I am taking a break from all of that." A few months earlier she finally broke off a relationship that had been on-again off-again for four years. She considered the next week with excitement.

She was going to be a counselor at Redwood Christian Park, in the Santa Cruz mountains. She had been going to that camp every year since she was 10 years old and loved the natural beauty and serenity of the wilderness surrounding the campground almost as much as the amazing speakers and worship she would be participating in every night. At 21, she had been taking a week or two off from her job every summer since high school to volunteer to sleep in a cabin with 7-8 Jr. High girls. It was the highlight of her year.

Her week went by quickly, she enjoyed the Jr. High girls in her cabin and the camaraderie with the other counselors. Toward the end of the week, she was approached by the camp dean and asked to stay one more week to fill in a counselor shortage for High School camp. She was ready to stay, but had to head home to take care of a few things on Saturday, meaning she was going to miss counselor orientation, but was planning on coming first thing on Sunday morning.

Sunday morning, she arrived and ended up sitting in one of the only empty chairs in the room, near two other counselors who were also recruited last minute and also came late that morning. As the meeting started, each counselor had an opportunity to share their name and where they were from. Alissa quickly learned the names of the two young men sitting beside her. Edgar and Lou. They were both humorous and flirtatious and seemed enjoying teasing her. In fact, when she asked for the community tub of licorice (which they were hoarding), they both enjoyed holding it just out of her reach.

Alissa couldn't help but notice how Lou's dark chocolate eyes crinkled around the edges as he smiled and laughed. His dry, sarcastic sense of humor caught her attention like nothing else. She quickly reminded herself that she wasn't looking to start something new. Besides, he seemed young and thin, what would he want with a chubby girl anyway.

The following night, as tradition dictates, the camp had a night swim. Alissa went to the pool with her campers, but had no intention of getting into the questionably warm water when the outside temps required a sweatshirt. She found herself sitting at a table with Lou, who was reading a comic book.

Amused and slightly curious, Alissa began a conversation with Lou about boys who read comic books, and come to swimming pools in jeans and a sweatshirt. (She was at least wearing her bathing suit under her clothes.) Time flew as they got to know one another. Yet again, the nagging feeling came, that maybe there was potential here. Yet again, she pushed the thought away, and tried to reason with herself. "He's 18 months younger than you, and about 30 pounds lighter, he's only 19, just forget about it!"

As the week crawled by, though, she couldn't avoid the flutters and flirtations. She began spending time with Edgar and Lou during free time, of course with campers around as chaperones. The joking and flirting became more and more common.

Another counselor, Becca approached Alissa halfway through the week. "Do you like Lou or not?"
Alissa blushed "What, is this Jr. High? Will you give him a note for me?"
"Well, I heard that Lou thinks you like Edgar" Becky happily gossiped.

Alissa finds the whole thing to be ridiculous. Why would she like Edgar, when a boy with dark chocolate eyes makes her laugh?

"Lou likes you." Says Edgar.
"Lou likes you." Says Becca.
"Do you like him?" They both ask.

"Do I like him?" Alissa ponders the question. What's not to like? He is funny, intelligent and very handsome.

On Friday night, the last night of camp, Lou managed to squeeze his campers on the same row as Alissa's campers, and somehow, they ended up sitting next to each other. As the lights went down for the slide show, Lou reached over and for the first time, held her hand.

The moment his hand closed over hers, what felt like an electric current ran through Alissa's body. Taken by surprise, she leaned over and whispered "We are here for the kids" and squeezing his hand she let go and sat on her tingling hands.

Poor Lou. He was confused and slightly stung by her rejection.

Poor Alissa. Surprised by the strength of her response, she sat in mortified silence, mentally berating herself for her stupidity.

The next morning marked the end of camp. Alissa had to leave early because of a missions trip she was going on later that day. Of course, Alissa didn't take into consideration that her campers loved her and didn't want her to leave early, so they turned her alarm clock off. At 7am Alissa came bursting forth from her room, 2 hours later than she had planned.

There he was. Leaning against a tree by her car. Lou.

He waited more than 2 hours in the cold, misty morning to see her off. She met him at the car and they spent a few moments together in a long hug. They had already exchanged phone numbers and addresses, and had plans to call each other.

With two hours between them and both going back to college in 20 days, who knew when they would meet again.

Next chapter: Three Yellow Roses
Third Chapter: You are doing WHAT?
Just me, AJ


  1. What a sweet story! I can so see Edgar and "lou" hogging the licorice:)
    P.S. I don't know how to disable that thingy, teach me mama:)

  2. Just came by to say hi !
    I'm following you !. Please visit me!
    and have a lovely day!

  3. What a great story! Can't wait to read more!

    I was laughing at him being 18 months younger. My Hubs is 14 months younger than I am and when I first found out, I told him I couldn't date him, I had to date someone older. Like that little amount of age difference matters!

  4. I'm glad I caught this one. I love "love stories"
    This is neat. Thanks for posting!

  5. Lou? That made me giggle. I love hearing the story again and looking back with you...hope it gives you those same butterflies in your tummy all over again. Love you.

  6. This is such a sweet story and you tell it so well. I'm REALLY looking forward to reading the rest!

  7. What a lovely tale:) Nicely done:)

  8. You're so cute! My husband is almost 2 years younger than me. The good thing is that he looks about 10 yrs. older than I do. And droops around like he's 55. (NOT a good thing.)

  9. I like your story...cannot wait to hear more.

  10. I'm ready for the next chapter!!!

  11. The short stories are always my favorite parts of magazines; and this was like a little respite from the day! Thanks for giving me a great read while I'm at work!

    BTW, I'm a recovering (ok, not-so-recovering) comment junkie too!

    Confessions From A Working Mom

  12. I'm on the edge of my seat, lady. Crank out the next one!

  13. Intriguing! I liked this "Surprised by the strength of her response, she sat in mortified silence, mentally berating herself for her stupidity". It surprised me too!


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