Jan 14, 2010

Chapter 2: Three Yellow Roses - more romance....

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Chapter 2: Three Yellow Roses
As she drove home, Alissa found herself smiling and contemplating Lou. She thought over every nuance and facial expression. She considered what he said and how he said it. She wondered at some amazing coincidences, like the fact that they both had been going to Redwood Christian Park for years, but never met. (She primarily went to Jr. High and High School, he primarily went to Junior camp and Family camp). She began wondering if she was being ridiculous and if Lou would ever call her again.

It doesn't matter she thought I'm not going to be home for a week, I will give him that long to decide whether he wants to pursue anything with me. She began to shift her focus to the coming mission trip and her role as a part of the youth staff who will be guiding and guarding the teens that were also on the trip.

As for Lou, when his mom asked him how his week at camp was, his only response was "How do you send flowers to someone in another town?"  He had a short amount of time before he and his family went back to Redwood Christian Park for Family camp.

Though she tried, Alissa wasn't able to completely put Lou out of her mind.  She found her mind drifting lazily over to thoughts of him.  On Monday, the secretary from the church they were working with came and gave Alissa a message that had been left on the answering machine.  From Lou for her.  The next day, a florist van pulled into the parking lot of the church.  Out hopped the delivery boy with a vase and 3 yellow roses, and a card for Alissa from Lou.

There was much conversation about Alissa and her suitor.  Alissa was overwhelmed with euphoria!
"I wouldn't trust him" said one of Alissa's friends.  "He sounds too good to be true"
"Guard yourself, if he comes on this strong, it might be just a passing flirtation" said another.
Alissa thought about these things and prayed that he would be just what she thought he was: a truly nice guy, who was also a man after God's own heart.

As she got ready to go home, again she worried that he would end up rejecting her or that nothing would come of it.  She had decided to let him make the first move, but wondered if the roses counted.  She was full of questions and confusion.  It's an unfortunate side effect of being a girl.

When she got home there was a call on her answering machine.  From Lou.  She called him back and they talked for a couple hours and made plans to see each other the next weekend.  It turned out that Alissa's grandparents lived within 20 minutes of his house and his grandmother lived about 40 minutes from her house.  Each day that week they talked and got to know each other more and more, soon they were both smitten.

He came down the next weekend as planned and stayed with his grandma.  Alissa dressed carefully, spent a lot of time on her hair and makeup (because at camp, he never got to see her dressed up) and waited impatiently for him to come.  When he arrived they sat in her living room and talked as they waited for her parents to come home to meet him.

It was there, on the couch that he finally got to do what he wanted to for more than two weeks, he finally got to kiss the girl he was falling for.  She finally got to kiss the boy who distracted her unlike any other.

After he met her parents, they went out to dinner and a movie, just like a boy and a girl should.  He opened doors for her, and was in every way a gentleman.  She laughed at all of his jokes and flirted shamelessly.  It was pure joy!

Soon she traveled to meet his mom and dad.  After a few weekends, they started staying at the other's house (with parents chaperoning of course). Weekend after weekend they spent hours together, seeing each other at the best and worst.  It became very obvious that they were both in love.

When they could no longer afford the long distance calls, they started chatting online.  It was a happy distraction from daily life.  Summer turned to fall and time kept passing.  They had a long distance relationship that was working for them.  They both felt oddly comfortable with the other and it became harder and harder to say goodbye at the end of the weekend.

Alissa wondered how long she wanted to have a long distance relationship.  With less than a year to go until she had her Bachelors degree, she began wondering what the future held for the two of them.  Lou still had one more year after she graduated, and he couldn't transfer at this point.  What to do? 

They began talking about the future, and while Alissa wanted specifics and promises, Lou was content in "maybes" and "somedays".  In frustration Alissa began to pray that God would give them an answer.  He did.  But not in the way she imagined...

Next: Chapter 3: You are doing what?

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