Jan 25, 2010

Controversial? Perhaps... what do you think?

I am not sure if you know, but I am opinionated.
For my friends IRL, let the snickering and sarcastic comments cease. NOW!
I just thought I would share this information. As I am learning that apparently blog writers are a little narcissistic, I decided that I would start asking for YOUR opinions a little more. Even though you were never discouraged from sharing your honest thoughts... but I digress.

My topic for the day/ week whatever.

Piercing baby ears, Yea or Nay?

My opinion: Nay.
My reasons: I am against vanity for the sake of vanity (eg: it's pretty and makes my baby look more like a girl), but more than that, I understand that it's dangerous. You risk allergic reaction, infection, tearing the earlobe or even the baby choking on the earring.(My daughter doesn't have her ears pierced, and won't until she is old enough to twist the studs and clean her ears responsibly)

Recently I started thinking about this again because I was hanging out with one of the teen moms in my group and her 14 month old daughter had little gold hoops in, which she pulled out and handed to another baby while I watched.

What about you? What do you think? Yea or Nay?

Just me, AJ



  2. With stuff like this it really is a personal decision where it's right or wrong in each case. I had my daughters ears pierced at 14 months. There wasn't tons of thought put into it, we just did it one night while out. The dangers of piercings can come about no matter what age you are and I realized that the infections, etc. are more rare than not. She was only allowed to wear studded earings that the backing is secure with a double notch, meaning it was even hard for me to get off. She is almost 5 and has never been allowed to wear hoops or dangly earrings, just small studs. We have never had a danger with choking or tearing or infections, so it's easy for me to say that I think my decision was okay. Had I experienced any complications, I may have regretted it. I also remember how bad I wanted mine pierced when I was 10 and I was so scared that it took 2 years to work up the nerve to do it and I hated that. My daughter didn't know what happened and sucked on a sucker the whole time. Never even messed with her ears after that. So.... I see points on both side and why a person should or shouldn't do it at a young age. This is what we did :o)
    ps...it's good to be controversial sometimes :o)

  3. Nay. But I'm totally self-obsessed, hence why I blog about my life and think people want to read about it.

  4. I go with no, because I think it's something that the child has to be old enough to actually want.

    That said, my niece got hers done when she was a baby and she does look cute as a button.

  5. When I see baby girls with cute little diamond studs in their ears, I always think that it's so pretty... but that goes back to my au natural anti-vanity opinion.

  6. To each their own!
    Se La Vie!
    Carpe Diem.....wait that doesn't work there:)

  7. I had my daughter's ears pierced when she was six months old. She's 11 now and still wears the same gold studs that her ears were originally pierced with.

    I can never remember her even touching them when she was a baby.

    I think it's a personal decision.

  8. I definitely say no. It is something they can do once they are a teenager or older when the want to.

  9. I say Nay too. While I think girl babies who have earrings in their ears are adorable i have not done that to my own kids cause I am afraid of infection. I have some problems with me ears so I would rather they wait until they are older before they pierce their ears.

    People still know my girls are girls...It's ok with NO earrings. ;)

  10. A big fat NAY! There is no way I'm going to inflict unnecessary pain on my baby girl just so she can look "cute and girly". That's what bows are for. She can have them done when she is able to ask for it and actually understand that it will hurt a little to get it done. That's just MY opinion. :)

  11. Haley got her ears pierced at 3 months and I don't regret it for a second. My mom did mine that young, too and it worked just fine for me. Come to think of it maybe that's the root of all of my issues.


  12. Nah, when they can take care of them by themselves I'm fine with it. But I have sure seen some babies with cute earrings. Just wouldn't do it myself. :)

  13. i think it's a personal decision, but for me, i'd say it's a nay. if i have a daughter, i'm not going to let her pierce her ears until she's 10!

  14. For my girls, no. When they ask for such a thing, then we'll consider it. I love to have bargaining power. Negotiation. If they already have nail polish, lip gloss & earrings, what do I have? For now, I'll stick those things in my back pocket and whip 'em out after many years and dangle them like carrots. Want ears pierced? Lemme see all A's. Lemme see 3 months worth of chores with no complaints. Thank God it's all years away for me.

  15. NAY! Like you said, they can get it done when THEY can take care of them!

  16. I say to each their own.

    I did get my daughters ears pierced when she was four months old and for us it's been great! She never pulled on her earings as she got older because she was already used to having them.

    Most (if not all) of the women in my family have gotten their babies ears pierced well before the six month mark. Not one of them, has ever had any issues with infections. Seriously NO. ONE. Does it happen? I am sure it does. I dont know of anyone personally.

    I am happy to say that my daughter is now six, infection free, and wears cute little studs on her ears.

    Is that Vain? In my opinion, ABSOULTELY NOT!

  17. I am on the fence...but we will wait - hubby is on one side of the fence for sure! I consider it to be more of a rite of passage or a special "thing" and at her age she will never know and she will probably yank them out of her ears.

  18. I have to say that I went ahead and pierced Faith's ears at 5 months. The reason is that they don't think about touching them so no infections.

    I'm following you now from Friday Follow.


  19. My grand daughter was born alost 8 months ago and her daddy is Hispanic. I thought, (erroneously) that my little baby would have her ears pierced right away. I thought it was a cultural thing and I asn't too thrilled with it. But I didn't say anything to my daughter. I was so suprised when she told a friend that Baby wasn't getting her ears pierced until she was old enough to decide for herself. I think she ade the right decision.

  20. Hoops on a 14mo old? That's fargin ridiculous! lol.

    On my girls 2 1/2 year mark, I had theirs pierced. With that said, and nothing went wrong or anything, no infections, they didnt really care if they were there or not.....

    anyhow, sorry....with that said...your opinion is one that I totally agree with on looking back on the decision that I made.

    To do it over, they'd be at the age when they can not only care for the ear...they could even pay for the earrings they want.

    Sorta like when my oldest got her first (and 2nd, and 3rd) tattoo(s) lol.

    I appreciate your bravery in leaving me a comment today, lol. Touchy subject. :)

  21. I am a YAY! All of my girls have their ears pierced. My husband actually took them and had it done. I would not say he is a particularly vain person, neither am I really. I think it is just personal preference. They have never had an infection, never pulled them out and have never asked to have $1000 diamond studs either. It sure is a hot button issue for sure! Yet another avenue for women to judge each other and determine who is and is not a "good" mother.

  22. It's so funny that you bring this up. Because I was just thinking about this very same topic yesterday!
    I actually say no, but it's because I think it would be such a pain to keep the ears clean. I do think it looks kinda cute, but I'm just not up for the work. Plus, I don't think The Husband would go for it!

  23. I'm a big fat NAY on this. I didn't get mine pierced until about 8 or 9 and it was a big "to do" that I was so proud of. So besides all the good points that you already mentioned, I'd say it's taking away a future event in the little girls life. I do happen to know a little girl who's ears were pierced as an infant then infected & yucky & she couldn't wear earrings for years after. Babies are ADORABLE, there are cute clothes to doll them up in, why poke MORE holes in them??

  24. nay. i'm letting my girls decide when they turn 12.

    also. i'm totally a narcissistic. but only on my blog. maybe.

  25. Although I have a little boy, luckily I don't have to deal with earrings BUT if I did have a girl I would say...


    I would want HER to decide on her whether she wanted her ears pierced.

    I had mine pierced when I was in the 4th grade and it wasn't all that bad. It didn't even hurt. So going by my own experiences I would want my daughter to choose for herself.


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