Jan 8, 2010

Five Friday Favorites... January Edition

These are a few of my favorite things...

1. Thoughtful Christmas Gifts
*there are many many more than these 2... but these make me smile.

This beauty of a jewelry box from my sister in Germany.  So unique! So pretty!

And my pink Snuggie from my son.  He was so excited for me to open it!  It was precious!

2. Pictures with a ton of kids... makes you sweaty, but they are so fun! These are my cousin's and my kids.  It was no small feat for them to all be mostly happy.

3. When my kids play together nicely like this:  (it went on for 45 minutes)

4. My son and his funny ways!  I came out one day and saw this... when I asked why? He said he was thinking that he might do this as a job later on... this or be the President of the United states... LOL!

5. Reading blogs like this: Monique at Surferwife
A Day In The Life Of A Surferwife
Great fun! Go check her out! She gets this:


Just me, AJ


  1. Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!! Love the gift from Germany!

    Love the Snuggie, lol. My daughter got the Zebra one...you'd of thought she hit a million dollar slot machine or something! lol

  2. YOU ARE SO NICE TO ME! What have I done to deserve your niceness?!

    And thank you for the zero margs. It is edited in there now.

  3. that pic of your son and the guitar is too cute!

  4. That jewelry box really is pretty! I literally LOLed to #4. I heart Monique too!

  5. I like this meme! Perhaps i will try it our next Friday.

    Cute Snuggie pic! ;)

  6. Ohhhh pretty jewelry box.

    Monique is da bomb!

  7. haha your son got you a snuggie! Awesome!

  8. LOL. I loved your whole post but I just busted out laughing with the award you gave Monique.

    I could not think of a more deserving, pee inducing blogger.

    Have a great weekend!


  9. You have a boy that loves to go barefoot! Is it cold there? It is here! Happy SITS day!

  10. Your son is funny. I just told my husband that I need a Snuggie. He told me to wear my robe backwards.


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