Jan 4, 2010

ICMT Mondays - Living Greener... it's a resolution!

In case you have NO idea what I mean by ICMT - it's an acronym. It means I Can Make That. It's a disease that requires more time, energy and money than it should to make things MYSELF.

You can read more about it here.

Now... moving on. My January resolutions are few. One of them is to begin living greener. One way I will be doing this, other than drinking water out of aluminum water bottles and NEVER buying another plastic water bottle... I got this little beauty at Disneyland:

It says love the land... I thought it was cute.  For $10 it was a steal!
Other than that lifestyle choice, I decided that I will stop using disposable napkins.  Shocking I know.

Part of the reason is that I feel guilty throwing so much paper away.  We make a lot of trash in my house.   There is also a certain someone... a little small girl who uses no less than 3 napkins at every meal.  She is a very messy eater, and desires to have her hands be clean.  This is a good habit.  Better than my son, who uses sleeves, sometimes his, sometimes MINE.

But I digress.  I started thinking about the fact that it seems like we go through 250 napkins every 2-3 weeks.  It was starting to really annoy me.  Not to mention the cost!  I mean we probably spend $50-$60 a year just throwing away napkins!

SOOOOO.  I am strange enough to have the thought... I just can't do this anymore.  I know.  I will go and buy some homespun cotton and cut them into squares and ta DA, napkins!

I bought 1.25 yards of 3 different fabrics (I bought homespun cotton).  Each fabric is about 44 inches wide.  Each napkin is 11"x11", which means I get 16 napkins per 1.25 yards of fabric.  I cut and zig-zag stitch the edges and then wash the lot.  The end result looks like this:

If my darling daughter only uses the one napkin at each meal (like the rest of us), I will need to wash the napkins every 3 days.  Which is fine, because I literally have 40 dishtowels, and I use about 4 a day and toss them ALL into the laundry at the end of the day... germs, you know. So, they can all be washed together.

If you are thinking of doing something like this at YOUR house... make sure that the washing instructions on the fabrics let you wash them in the machine.  I almost picked a fabric that said "hand wash only" - THAT would have been DUMB!

Happy Napkin Making! :)

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In other news:
If you are wondering what the fat the giant scale on my sidebar is... so am I.

Actually I was reading along and decided to be a joiner, and I hope that it gets me skinny.

My fat butt is starting to have a life of it's own... and it complains whenever I stand up.  So... I thought it was time to whip it into shape.

:) Join me, won't you?
60 pounds to lose.  hmmm.  Read more on Wednesday!

Just me, AJ


  1. I'm seriously tempted to jump into that weight loss thing too.

    I love your water bottle! I am giving up disposable water bottles also.

  2. Dude you are joining me in the paperless world!
    I don't use papertowels or papernapkins. I use dishtowels and cloth too!
    Love your napkin idea....u should sell them, I would but those:)

  3. I really love that you got those cloth napkins. It''s a great way to add a cool design element into the kitchen too - much better than plain old white napkins. Very cool.


  4. That's an awesome idea for napkins! We use a ton too!!! If you're going to diet I'd join that group! Taking a pic of your scale and posting it for the Blog Land to see is excellent motivation to keep your butt in gear! Plus you've got TONS of support!

  5. I am totally loving your blog!!!!!

    Love your style. Love your sense of humor.

    Lady, you just got yourself a new follower.

    Ps....the Disneyland tips....off the charts. :o)

  6. PS that was 7 year old not & yr old. Stupid typos....

  7. I took the music off my blog and you are right it does load faster. Next I probably need to work on my buttons..but that might take a while..Any-hoo thanks for that advice.

    On another note--this blog post, AMAZING idea! My kids same thing. & year old girl uses her clothes as a napkin. 2 year old is VERY messy. Cloth napkins--you got yourself a good idea. Except I hate laundry...NUTS! I just can't stop doing it though--I better get used to it.

    I LOVE LOVE the way you write! Plus you are gaining tons of followers cause you are so freaking awesome!
    I am so glad I found you. Too bad you are not near Vegas we could do a blogger lunch sometime.

    :) Happy Monday!

    I might join you in the weight loss thing as well. I've got some rolls myself...Afraid to admit it but it is back to the treadmill with me...


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