Jan 15, 2010

The next chapter...

If you are a new follower (I have a few of those thanks to the blog hop I just participated in (see my earlier post)) The first two chapters are must reads if you want to know what this is all about.
Chapter 1
Chapter 2

Chapter 3: You are doing WHAT?

When they met at the end of July, neither one of them expected to meet someone and fall in love so quickly, but soon they were both beyond smitten, they were in love. When Alissa first told a friend the news, the expected eye-rolling ensued.
"Of course you think you are in love," she said "but what do you really know about him? What if he's not what you expect?"

Alissa couldn't be swayed, she was convinced that not only was she in love with this man, but that he was her future. Lucky for her, God agreed.

One weekend in October, Lou came to visit with a smile and a story. He had been praying about what God wanted for them, and had a dream. In the dream, Lou and Alissa were walking on either side of God, and He had his arms around them. At the end of the dream, He put their hands together. It was as clear of an answer as either could hope for.

As they discussed marriage and the seriousness of that commitment, they found they both had the same philosophy: The secret to a long marriage lies completely within each individual, the commitment to the marriage relationship, values that are the same in key areas and the idea that divorce is not optional. Additionally, both believed that you can know if you want to marry someone within the first few weeks of knowing them, because true character is revealed early on.

Alissa and Lou both continued to reflect and pray about their relationship as the holidays approached. The only major source of tension between them was when they would make a decision. Alissa thought that if they know they wanted to get married, they should just get married. While Lou continuously reminded Alissa that he was a year behind her in school and barely 20.

In the beginning of December Alissa's dad took her with him on a business trip, he would sometimes drive 10 hours to get to a job and he often liked to have someone keep him company. On this trip, out of the blue, he asked her if she was sure she wanted to marry Lou.

Though she was taken by surprise, she was given the opportunity to tell her dad why she thought she could spend the rest of her life with this boy. She was somewhat inspired by her parent's story, because they knew each other for a total of 6 months when they got married, and had been happily married for almost 30 years.

By the end of the conversation, her dad was completely supportive of her decision, and expressed genuine happiness for the two of them.

That Christmas, Alissa's extended family rented a cabin near Lake Tahoe, in the Sierra Nevada Mts. Lou was invited to join the family, and he graciously accepted. As they drove up, Lou asked Alissa if they would be able to escape from the crowd of people for some time alone while they were there, and of course she agreed, picturing romantic walks through a snowy wonderland.

They arrived on Christmas Eve, and Alissa's parents, grandparents, sister and brother in law, cousin, and her Aunt and Uncle had all collected at the cabin. There were cookies being decorated and card games being played, it was a happy chaos that filled Alissa with joy, especially having Lou there to share it all.

The only problem was that Lou seemed quiet and a little more reserved than normal. Alissa was a little concerned and asked him if everything was okay. He asked if they could take a walk.

It was dusk and the sun was setting behind the snow laden trees. It was slow going as they slipped and slid down the path toward the little trail that would take them a little way into the forest. They laughed as they struggled their way to more solid footing.

They walked for a little while, and soon the sun had completely set. Lou stopped Alissa for a moment in a pool of light cast by a porch light and reached into his pocket. Her heart stopped for a moment, until his hand came out of his pocket revealing a folded piece of paper.

It was a poem. He gave it to her to read, which she did, turning this way and that until she could see the small writing in the dim light of the lamp. As she finished reading the poem, which expressed his love and his firm belief that God had created them for each other, she turned to him to tell him what a wonderful Christmas gift it was and her words froze on her lips.

In the pool of light cast by that single lamp, Lou was on his knees, in the snow, holding a ring box. He proposed with just one promise, that though life wouldn't be perfect or without conflict, he would make every effort to love her every day for the rest of her life.

With tears in her eyes, Alissa met him half way and kissing him soundly, accepted his proposal. As they arrived back at the cabin, Alissa glowing with a new ring and Lou glowing with wet knees, they family met them with cheers and well wishes.

The following August, one year and one month from the day they met, Lou and Alissa tied the knot.

It's a true story and more than 10 years later, they are still going strong with two little ones to keep them on their toes. Life hasn't always been easy, they've seen their share of conflict and grief, but Lou is still loving Alissa every day and they are, indeed, living happily ever after.

The End

Just me, AJ


  1. Love everything about!
    Here is to many more years!

  2. It was sheer joy reading your short story. God bless you, Lou and your boys!

  3. The end? Really? Not gonna dive more into those 10 years? ;o) But, seriously, thanks for sharing. It really was fun to "hear" that all again...takes me back and makes me smile on the inside and out. Love to you both. Well, all 4 of you :o)

  4. On his knees in the snow...*sniff* that is SO sweet. My hubby and I knew each other in HS but never dated. 5 yrs later we met again and were married one year to that date later.

    21 yrs in Feb. It can be done.

    I really enjoyed this 3 parter.

  5. What a sweet inspiration story! Thanks for sharing. Your husband now makes all others look shabby. Just kidding!

  6. YAY for happy endings! Middles? Either way, great story, cuz!

  7. Lovely story!

    And it gives little smidgens of hope to those of us who haven't found it yet.

  8. This is such a beautiful story. I loved the way you told it. I'm so happy for you and your husband to have found each other. Thanks for sharing your real life fairy tale with us!

  9. That is so romantic--a proposal in the snow! I love it. Great story. Now let's get to the nitty gritty--give us #1's birth story. :o)

  10. I just love a good love story!


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