Jan 5, 2010

Tipsy Tuesday - more Disneyland tips for your daughter... because how else can I share my wisdom?

The tip of the day:
Don't go to Disneyland during the week between Christmas and New Years... please see this chart:

I swiped this from a website called Disneyland Vacation Tips
Please note that the PEAK ... as in about a half MILLION more people attend the very END of December, as compared to Spring and Summer Break.

People - they actually STOPPED selling tickets to Disneyland when I was there.  It got FULL. This means around 70,000 - 80,000 people.  Do I need to remind you of my earlier blog that shares how I feel about crowds of people at Disneyland?

I tell you, I almost screamed one day.  (any men who are reading should skip to the next paragraph) It didn't help that I started my period... talk about PMS.  I could have killed someone. Some lady was running into the back of my legs with a double stroller... and I swear a 5 year old in the stroller... saying "Just keep going, JUST KEEP GOING!" 

I have a couple more tips... for taking a daughter to Disneyland:

1.  If your daughter likes the Carousel: Even when it's busy... you can ride it a LOT.

 Next tip: you don't ACTUALLY need to take pictures of your kids EVERY TIME they ride a ride... you end up with A LOT of pictures of the same thing.  Must stop taking pictures.

2.  Want to hold hands with your kids in Disneyland?  No?  You are a bad parent.
 If you WANT to hold your kid's hand... tell them that they could get lost and have to spend the rest of the day in an office while the park staff try to find you.  My kids never strayed far...

3. Have a kid who looks like this in the morning?

I have a fail proof method to get them to smile (if saying "Don't smile!" doesn't work for you) Do an "emotions" photo shoot) Ask for ANGRY


In the end... this is what I get:

It might waste some space on the SD... but hey - if it kills a tantrum before it starts... it's worth it!

4. Don't GO to Disneyland during the week between Christmas and New Years.  But if you can, go during the Holiday celebrations... because of this:

EVERYTHING is decorated to the nines!  it's gorgeous!

(who knew that Santa's Reindeer take a vacation after Christmas at Disneyland?!)

Nice... the lights are stunning.  The crowds... stifling!
Finally this:

The fireworks during the Holidays are magical!  AND IT SNOWS ON MAIN STREET!
Makes you want to cry it's so beautiful and amazing.

5. Final tips:
I said it once, I'll say it again. Bring costumes for your daughters!

Talking to Iridessa 

Tink and Terence


Chatting with Ariel

It's worth every minute of the 90 minute wait for the Princess Faire and the 45 minute wait for the Fairies Grotto... besides... she made friends in line:

Next week is my last installment of Disney related tips... I promise.  For Boys in Disneyland!

Just me, AJ


  1. Oooh! loved this installment! We NEED to get back up there. I think having it close by, you tend to take it for granted. THANK YOU for the dress up tip. No. Wait. Haley thanks you!

  2. Oh these are beautiful pics! We havent' been there since 01. THe only time I plan on going back down that way is to MAYBE see the new Harry Potter park of the park...or whatever park it's at (I don't even know, lol)

    I love these photos with the princesses....these ladies seem very nice and friendly.

  3. Stopping by from SITS! You have a beautiful blog! I noticed you were a Christian so am I! Have a wonderful day! :)

    Just wanted to let you know about my button swap and the chance for your blog to be featured! Today is the last day to enter!
    Check it out:

  4. I love the photos...I guess this means your daughter didn't mind the crowds! LOL...(great idea to avoiding the tantrum - you are one smart Momma!).
    We usually visit the parks in September, right after school starts...it's WONDERFUL...NO waiting for anything...but don't tell anyone, LOL... :)

  5. "Hey! Just popped by from SITS.

    What a cool idea!
    My button is monstrous, so I will create a smaller one and post yours!"

    Thanks for stopping by and adding my button! Let me know when and I will add yours! :)

  6. oh my goodness, your daughter is ADORABLE!!!! these pics are too cute!

    i'll have to save this chart and make sure i go in september or october!

  7. Your daughter is just too precious. I loved the daddy~daughter pics too. I'm so glad ya'll had a blast.

    Have a fantastic day and may God bless ya'll!!!

  8. Aw, what a fun time. Love love the pics! Thanks for stopping over to my place and voting for me. You rock!

    p.s. I'm your newest blog follower.

  9. Your daughter is adorable! I think that Disneyworld/land would be a bit crazy with a 2 1/2 year old. I need to hold out. But when we do, I expect it will be no holds barred chaos.

    from which we will never escape.



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