Feb 17, 2010

Sensational Haiku Wednesday - Comfort Zone

Hello, I posted on the wrong theme last week, so I am going to post on last week's theme this week because I posted on this week's theme last week. Clear as mud?

Join me as I participate in Sensational Haiku Wednesday... link up with Jenn from You know... that Blog?

Join the fun!

The theme: Comfort Zone

Laughter, private jokes,
comfort in intimacy
coffee dates, girls night

Knowing, being known
A new woman stands apart
Outside, looking in

A glance, a smile
An invitation awaits
Widen the circle

Don't hide in comfort
New friendships, new potential
New adventures wait

Next week's theme: Vision
Just keep writing! :)

Just me, AJ


  1. I love this poem! "knowing and being known" --how sweet that is in true friendship. How kind you are to notice that widening the circle holds so much potential. And is what Jesus would have us do.
    Great photo--noticed a few familiar faces. Love you in pig tail braids.

  2. love it. yes - we all need to embrace what is outside of our comfort zone - in so many aspects of our life.

  3. That's beautiful! What a fun time:)

  4. You and your artsy haiku's make me feel inadequate.

    Ok, I am going to go read the haircut blog now.

  5. I remember being in a college class and feeling nervous about giving a presentation and the professor said, "You create your own comfort zone." Those words have stuck with me and helped me get through many tough situations over the years.

  6. Awesome poem! You are so freakin creative! And i love the pigtail braids! Darling.

  7. You are too creative. Loved it!

  8. I love the whole haiku format. And I love the comfort found with friends...nothing else quite like it.

  9. Very nice! I think I can relate to this for sure.


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