Feb 24, 2010

Sensational Haiku Wednesday - Vision

Join me as I participate in Sensational Haiku Wednesday... link up with Jenn from You know... that Blog?

Join the fun!

This week's theme: Vision

"In my way,
standing in my way.
would you move?

I'm going to lose!
More a door than a window
blocking the TV.

Step aside,
Mom, please scoot over
I could die!"

Smirking, slow, I move.
I am that kind of mommy.
"What? Oh.  I'm sorry."

hee hee hee. What kind of mom does that to their kid? Oh, I know... ME!


  1. Don't worry. I'm that kind of mommy, too (hehe)

  2. haha. I did not expect that. You can work your magic in any direction.


  3. in case you are wondering, one vlogging mama is me, Cluttered Brain. I am testing a wordpress blog out to see if i like it.

  4. LOL1 I've done the same thing. moving, like dancing in front of the person....GREAT haiku!
    LOVE it.

  5. Hahaha! Yeah, I am that mom, too. No wonder they shove whoopie cushins in my face.

    We need to change this feature to be called: "Make Monique feel like an uncreative idiot, Wednesday!"

  6. thats great!!!! stopping by from SitS!!! your kids are so adorable!!!

  7. the same kind who does that to her husband when he is watching a game:O)

  8. Hahha! You big meanie, he could DIE!! :o)

  9. Great poem! Just visiting over from SITS---leaving some comment love!

  10. I'm pretty sure you know I'm that kind of mommy. You are very good at these!

  11. Stopped by for Post It Tuesday and now I am back for Follow Me Friday...so nice to see you again. I am following :)

  12. I found your great blog from Follow Friday Blog hop. Now following!


  13. I'm your newest Friday Follower! I look forward to reading your blog! http://1craftymommy.blogspot.com

  14. Hi! I'm a new follower from Friday Follow! I hope you can come visit me! Have a great Friday!

    Bridgette Groschen
    The Groschen Goblins

  15. Ha! I do that to my boys & hubby all the time! Hi following now from Friday Follow!

  16. Nice haiku-I loved it :) My mom is like that-drives my brothers nuts, but I think it's funny. Following from Trendy Treehouse.

  17. I am so that kind of mommy. I also bribe my kids.


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