Feb 21, 2010

Sunday Soaking - Lent.. no, not lint. I said LENT.

You know, I am not really sure how many of my faithful bloggy friends read my Soaking. As far as I can tell, only about 4-8 people... because that is who comments.


For those who do, I am taking a break from my other book to talk about another important topic.


If you are like... what? Lent? Aren't you protestant? Yes, yes I am. Apparently there are a few Protestant denominations who observe Lent, and as a Methodist... I guess I am one of them.

If you have no idea what Lent is about, let me tell you a little.
1. Lent is the period of time between Ash Wednesday (the day you are recovering from your Mardi Gras celebration) until Holy week (the week that starts with Palm Sunday and ends with Easter or Resurrection Sunday.)

2. Lent is a time for reflection and preparation as believers of Christ (that would be, Jesus) prepare and reflect on the crucifixion and (most importantly) the Resurrection of Jesus.

3. Lent is also a time where many Catholics, some Methodists and a random smattering of other people either give something up or add something to their lives (like a spiritual discipline) as a way to experience sacrifice or spend more time thinking about Jesus.

For me, Lent is an opportunity to really appreciate the sacrifice of Jesus as a restoration of my relationship with Him.

For the next few weeks, between now and Easter, I will be exploring a bit of the evidence that proves to ME that Christ existed and was in fact who He said He was.

For now... I leave you with this question:

Do you observe Lent? Did you give anything up/ take anything up this year? 

Just me, AJ


  1. No lent for me. But I find it interesting that people are suppose to give up something that distracts them from the Lord for 2 weeks, aren't we suppose to do that always?
    I like what you said about adding something, now that I can get behind:)

  2. As an Eastern Orthodox Christian, I observe Lent as well. This year both Easters fall on the same day, so we are currently in our Lenten season as well.

    We do not look at the giving up of something as doing it because it distracts us from the Lord. It is more about sacrifice, and honoring the ultimate sacrifice that God made for us in giving up his only son, Jesus Christ, for our salvation.

  3. I read but do not comment sorry but will do from now on. No one ever well hardly ever comments on my blog either .


    This is important to me as well just like Advent it is a time of preperation.
    For me I have for 2nd year deactivated my Facebook account and am spending more time studying God's word.
    I have also committed to attending 8.30 am mid week communion ( old style hard going ) service I also did that last year and to be honest found it very good.
    Used to give up chocolate but when not a challenge any more no point. Oh and I am trying to not bite my nails

  4. Sorry I don't comment on this feature, friend. I can if you want but it will be off topic which may or may not tick you off.

    For instance, on this one I would prefer to talk about lint. As in my son's belly button which i recently noticed was filthy. Ewwww.

  5. Thank you so much for the post! I am observing lent this year. In the past I have given something up, such as tv, chocolate, coffee. But this year I am doing a Carbon Fast, and really concentrating on taking care of God's planet....turning down my thermostat a bit, recycling more, etc...I do a lot of green living already, but concentrating more on improving it during this time of Lent

  6. We are doing a "virtually TV free" Lent this year. Minor exceptions for all of us, but we decided to do it as a whole family. We will add some things too - filling grocery bags for our church to give to the poor, etc.

    Hey - I see your book review button - do you like doing that?

  7. I don't always comment, and in fact, did a post about lurkers over at my blog not too long ago. I am a reforming lurker myself. So I'll try to comment more often.

    I grew up in a Jewish household and Lent was something other people did. This year for the first time (I've been a Christian for 30 years), I am observing Lent. I'm giving up TV, except for the news. I don't sit and watch TV much, but I usually have it on while I'm cooking, cleaning or doing other things. I seem to need background noise. But God has been convicting me to experience silence more, so background noise will be gone until Easter, and maybe forever!


  8. I don't do Lent, but I think the intent is genuine and heartfelt by those who do. I get the comment about every day in life being about recognizing sacrifice by God, but at the same time, we all know how we get caught up in life.

    My husband is Catholic and his whole family celebrates.

  9. No, I do not Lent. I can only think of one person I know who does lent, but until this post I had no idea what it was all about except you gave something up for a certain amount of time.
    I am not a very religious person, and I dont plan on lent-ing(? is that even a word?) anytime soon, but I think it's great for those who do observe this time. If anything I do try very hard to respect my friend who does lent, by not being a tempation for whatever she gives up etc.

    Do you mind if I ask what you are giving up or adding to you life for the next little bit? I always hear chocolate, some sort of food, drink etc. I thought it was funny that my friend gave up Facebook, however I know that I would have a lot more time to be more spiritual if I didnt waste so much time online. so, it makes sense to me.

  10. We do not actively give up something for Lent but I do think it is a good idea. Jesus gave so much for us and there are times when we just need to grow closer and focus on Him. I feel giving up something important to us lets us reflect upon His sacrifice. We have so many denominations out there practicing just as many traditions yet we are all brothers and sisters in the Lord.

    God bless and have a glorious day!!!!

  11. I was born Catholic, raised Lutheren and now I'm sorta amutt of sorts, lol. My kids go to Catholic HS. Lent makes me chuckle because they always go up to their friends on Ash Wednesday and point at their heads and say...'you have a little somethin riggght there'...

    and the other person always falls for it, it's hysterical.

    What was the question? omg, :)

    We don't 'do lent'. We just try and live morally. Or as moral as a human can get.

  12. I am just finishing up Lee Strobel's The Case for Christ and though I've believed in the resurrection for as long as I can remember, I am once again overwhelmed at the price that was paid for us and God's unfailing love! Isn't it a wonderful time of year?

  13. Nope. I used to just for the heck of it but I don't anymore. You know I have no willpower.

  14. Lent is one of our favorite seasons in the church year, the somber music in church, the "dressed down" altar, the chance to "be still and know that I am God".

    However, this year I have not currently given anything up or added anything to my daily routine...but I'm thinking that I should and it's probably not too late to start right?

    I feel that Lent and most importantly Good Friday make Easter the most glorious day of the year!


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