Apr 16, 2012

Organizing your kitchen for under $20

Hello my friends.
I have a secret... it's a little embarrassing.

I should just show you... hang on.

These are my cupboards... it's embarrassing because, as a recovering slob, I don't view myself as being obsessive compulsive, but apparently it comes out in strange ways.
Do these cupboards look cluttered and sloppy to you?  I spend time lining them up.  Nothing else gets to go in these cupboards so they can stay looking like this.

My pantry doesn't ALWAYS look like this, but this is pretty much the idea.
Speaking of ideas, here is my first 2 tips for organizing your kitchen. 
No, it's not line up your food with labels showing, though it doesn't hurt to know what's in there.  Do you see the storage bin on the top shelf? It is full of pasta, some beans and rice (at least the rice that can't fit in my rice container).  It's great because I never cook an entire package of pasta so I kept having unfortunate pasta spills in my cupboard with shells or macaroni.  Keeping all of that in this cupboard freed a drawer in my kitchen and created a spill proof, fresh-saving container ($2.50 for those keeping track).  The second tip is those handy little wire shelves (they stack together too two for $10) you see above my soda containers.  Those are great because they double the shelf space in your cabinet! You can also use them to stack your mugs!

While we are looking at this picture - check out the little snap containers I have my tea in (well, most of my tea) ... I'll admit, I don't need all of that tea, just can't help myself. BTW - we live by a WinCo, which has a great "Bulk Foods" area, which also sells Stash teas... so this little container holds those tea bags I buy in bulk.
The next MUST HAVE item in your kitchen: a Lazy Susan for your spices!  Keeps them all easily accessible, and keeps you from knocking them all out when you reach for the Garlic salt. So nice. This little honey cost me around $8 I think.  I have had it for 8 years.  It completes me. (Okay, maybe that is overstating it a bit).

Next: Bins aren't just for your closet... did I already say that?  My morning coffee area looked like this:

this may have been dramatized for the purposes of this blog
I bought a $0.59 little basket from Big Lots and now it looks like this: 

Do you have a drawer FULL of mismatched, chaotic measuring cups? Free up that drawer for something else.  Instead, utilize one of those overhead cabinets and store your measuring cups in a little bin for easy baking!

Now that you have had a partial tour of my kitchen cabinets, go forth and do the same.  

Just me, AJ


  1. Looks great! Maybe I will do that some day.

  2. Ooo, I just LOVE organized pretty cabinets!!! I do the same thing with my pasta and rice, 'cept in big baskets like the one you used in your coffee cabinet. Hey where'd you get your wire racks? That'd be really great for my coffee mugs. Go to this post http://bunchabenhams.blogspot.com/2009/06/pear-walnut-blue-cheese-sage-pizza.html
    and scroll down to check out my labeled flour and sugar canisters! I can tell from this post that my labeler will speak to you. HA!

  3. Look at you all DIY gal. My cabinets look ok, it;s my drawers that are a flaming mess.

    I'll hop on this right away because you told me to.

  4. I have almost all those little gadgets. And, um...my cabinets do NOT look even CLOSE to how organized yours are! lol

  5. Your cabinet's look like Julia Robert's when she was married to the creepy guy in Sleeping With The Enemy.

    I wish mine did. :(

  6. AJ. Stop making me look bad. Seriously. What are you doing, girlfriend? How are you so organized? Will you come over and make-over my whole house? I promise I will name my next child after you (let's hope it's a girl, cuz Alissa would be awkward for a boy, I think).

  7. i love an organized pantry and cabinets. i use those stacks shelves and baskets like you and it helps KEEP it all organized easily!

  8. That looks great! I love organizing things. It makes me feel good. And I am a "recovering slob" as well!

  9. I applaude your posting your pics, but there is no way I am gonna do that. I would have to hang my head in shame!!

  10. That is very helpful. I sooo need to do this!I am also a recovering slob, and I always tell people....we can't be in the middle, it is messy or insanely neat!!LOL!

  11. I can't wait for you to come to San Francisco. I need help in this department!

  12. Popping by from SITS. Great post with some good ideas. I have some organizing posts too. I call them my Clutterbug posts. It's always nice to share ideas with other Mom's.

  13. Want to come do my kitchen too? LOL

    Stoppin' by from SITS!

  14. How funny -- I've been feeling in the Spring cleaning mood, too -- even with the sudden dumping of snow! ;)


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