Apr 14, 2010

Back again... but not my normal post...

Hello, my name is Alissa and apparently I am a liberal.

I say this because, although I am what I view an evangelical Christian and believe that Abortion is wrong and gay marriage is against God's design, I am often amazed by how liberal I can be when it comes to politics.

I am sure it's my parent's fault. They taught me to think for myself, to try to look objectively at issues, especially if it's from a liberal leaning point of view AND under NO circumstances listen to Rush Limbaugh. Hahaha.

The issue at hand: THE IMPLANTABLE CHIP that is "hidden" within the depths of the clear-as-mud Health Care Bill.

I heard about this one from a new acquaintance, who shared it as a frightening, rights-stealing, socialist-screaming, agenda of our liberal government, which will undoubtedly lead to the persecution of all Christians and the end times. As in "The Mark of the Beast".

So, I thought about it, but didn't really get all that excited about it... recently a closer friend brought it up again on FB and I just have to respond.  So here is what I have heard and what I have learned.

I heard that it will be a chip that will be implanted under the skin, which will 1. have a medical identification number embedded that when scanned will bring up your medical information anywhere in the US. 2. Will enable the government to track you. 3. Will be required to receive medical treatment.  4. May eventually be required to buy anything, will house your bank information, your SSN and your shoe size. 5. Will remove your freedoms through government control (don't ask me how).

I learned 1. that the microchips are used in devices such as pacemakers, and certain devices used to control diabetes. 2. That they are not nor will be required, but rather are used in certain patients for the purposes of making sure the devices are working properly and effectively. 3. They do not track our movements, that's what GPS, credit cards and cell phones are for, silly Americans!   4. If they are used they are similar to the microchips used in dogs, which keep the medical record number which can be used to find medical records... but you have to scan it, you can't get that information unless you are a doctor and are close enough to scan the patient and are near a computer to look that information up.  (Hey - I already have one of those... it's called an insurance card).

Finally I kept looking and discovered it's not true.  Not anymore. See this Snopes article.

Why this kind of stuff gets me fired up: because politics has become a game of fear.  Fear.  As a Christian I am not to be motivated by fear, because I am free in Christ and because God has us in His hands. Both sides are guilty of it.  Both sides use fear as an end means.  Republicans use the fear of the loss of rights, privacy and ultimately money to motivate.  Democrats use the fear of drowning in a rising ocean, and also the loss of rights (gay marriage anyone?) to motivate.  It's all ridiculous and doesn't do anything but create division, strife and the creation of more lies spin.  If you are a Christian... STOP IT! You are just as guilty if you listen to those lying liars and repeat the lies.  Do some research! Think for yourself!

The United States is falling apart, not because GW Bush destroyed our economy and international reputation through the "War on Terror" and not because B Obama is turning America into a socialist nation (really? I mean, REALLY people?!) but because we can't get our crap together and start working together for the common good!  We are so concerned about covering our own asses that we don't even care about the fact that we are breaking our arms to save our legs.  

So, what is your opinion?  If it were true, would you allow your doctor to implant a microchip in your arm?

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Just me, AJ


  1. Can you feel me patting you on the back for this one? 'Cause I totally am....

    I keep telling people to think outside of the Republican, Democrat, Liberal, Socialist box that we have put ourselves in. We need to look at the BIG picture and not just furthering our own agenda (or lining our pockets, like some people do). People like to spread lies because they believe FEAR is a better motivator. Sad, but true.

    When people ask me about my political affiliation, I now reply "I'm a human being. And I look at the overall interest for other human beings." I get odd stares, but I don't care.

    When people are sick, we should help. When people are hurt, we should help. When people need help...well, we should help. I think we are all supposed to take care of one another.

    No matter what religion you are, they all stress looking out for your fellow man/woman. Maybe if people threw their political crap out the window and just strived to be better human beings the world would be a better place!

  2. another snopes lover! lol. That's my go to site all the time, lol. As I was reading your post, I thought...no way. Insanity! lol and thankfully I didn't have to go check into it anywhere you answered it for me!

  3. Yeah, the real issue is being lazy is easy and spreading gossip is "fun". No one is taking the time to think. It's hurting us all around.

    Keep preaching it AJ!

  4. I am no longer sure what my political affiliations are sine I now believe every politician is a liar and selfish moron. I know, not a very Christian attitude :P BUT I think we need to stop worrying about fine print and actually use the brains God gave us and apply the plan (found in a book called the BIBLE) and do what is RIGHT! But you are asking about a chip in my arm - I say no but I do not want anything foreign implanted in my body - it makes me think of norplant which makes me want to throw up a little bit... so I personally would decline but I am not politically against it....for now :)

  5. I can not stand political labels, that is why I am an independent....not the party, but registered as independent of party.
    I agree with you. I can not stand how they use our Christian beliefs to try and get us to go on one parties side.

  6. Couldn't have said it better myself. Your attitude mirrors my own. There are people in my life who I believe truly LOVE to get their panties all up in a bunch over these issues. But I can't handle that kind of drama. Bottom line: God's in control and whenever in doubt, love one another.

  7. Thank you for a very insightful post! I am a new follower from Follow Me Friday! I look forward to read more from you. Would love a follow back:)

    Shirley @ A Mom After God's Own Heart

  8. Now following you from Friday Follow!! :o)

    Please visit me at mandysfrugaljourney.blogspot.com

    Have a great weekend!! :o)

  9. HELL NO!! I will not let anyone plant anything in my body. This world is definitely coming to a end the way it is. I think we should all realize it and start doing something positive about it. I don't like liars either. I just pray to the lord and hope for the better.

    Visit my blog at http://motherof1princessand2princes.blogspot.com

  10. Amen sister! haha. I have learned, especially in the last 10 years, I am more of an Independent, don't like labels of any kind; gay, hetero,Repub, Demo..etc. I do not agree with someone going around, "I'm gay", "I'm gay" (never understood that), but I also will not treat anyone different because of it; they are people too. But I am definitely sick and tired of the politicians, left wingers and right wingers using fear. I think we are in a recession because they talked about it for a year before it really hit; aside from other reasons. As soon as people could they were picking apart the health care bill (but with lies) and I had people say, how can they do this, that and the other. But I wold ask, hey, did you actually look that info up or did someone just tell you or send it too you. Most of the time they never took the time to check it out for themselves.

    Most of the time that information was bogus...come people use your freaking brains.

    Thanks for that post...it was GREAT, I could go on and on but I won't bore you anymore...hehe.

    Take care

  11. Following back from boogies n BooBoos. I'm really glad I'm following. Great post. And no, I would not allow it.


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