May 31, 2010

Tipsy Tuesday - Last minute Teacher's gifts?

I really hope my son's teacher doesn't read my blog. She's never mentioned anything, but we are friends on FB now and I post over there. I hope she'll be waaaay too busy with the last week of school to pay any attention over here.

I've said that I struggle with the procrastination monster, and this year I managed to get my act together well before I had to have it that way! If you are still in the last week of school and suddenly remembered that you wanted to give your child's teacher a gift, let me give you just one or two ideas.

What I did this year:

For my daughter's teachers, I got them each a mug (solid color, no silly "best teacher ever" mug from me!) and included Tension Tamer tea and a Bible Promise book and bookmark.  Simple and Sweet.  The little tag (which I attached to a cut-off straw) says "You've filled our cup with joy, praying yours is overflowing! Hope your summer is a "Tension Tamer"! Thank you for a great year." 

Both teachers seemed to really love it!

For my son's teacher, I went along a similar vane:  Same tag, box of tea, a candle and a satin/velour face mask, I put it all in a cute little Chipwood basket.  I may add a ribbon to fancy it up a bit, but that is the gift.  I got it all for under $15.

What are some of your best ideas?  The others I thought of were a beach bag with some gossip magazines (because she reads those things) and maybe some sun tan lotion and a gift certificate or two to Starbucks or Jamba Juice (a Smoothie chain round these parts).  I went simple because I am cheap.  It's a true story.  Another possibility is to get her a cute potted plant and new pot with some gardening things with a tag that says "Thank you for helping me grow" or something like that.

Just depends on your teacher's tastes.  Hope you get that gift or at least a card to say "Thank you" (for not failing my kid). Your child's teacher is one of the most influential people in his/her life, I always really appreciate them for the amount of time they spend with my children.

Hug a teacher this week!
Just me, AJ


  1. I totally agree with your last paragraph. Gosh, I've made so many teacher gifts throughout the years. I always tried to be very creative like the one you have here. Very classy looking for sure! NICE JOB!

  2. So true! I love your gift ideas - great job!

  3. I love the tension tamer tea gift! You are so creative!!!!

  4. You did good! I bought some Bath and Body stuff on clearance and put that together for the teachers and the bus driver, too. I love that lady.

  5. I like your ideas! Everyone always wanted to go in for a group gift when my kids were in school.

  6. Your ideas were great - I will be shopping the night before the last day of school for probably a Barnes and Noble gift card. Not as cute as yours but I'm a working mom going to night school and bloggin' on the side! Ha!

  7. Following now from FF, and I love these a teacher, I can assure you, they are much appreciated!!!


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