Jun 7, 2010

ICMT Monday - Cute and Simple Purse

I heart fabric remnants. While perusing the remnant shelf at a nearby craft and fabric store, I was excited to find some designer fabrics at a fraction of the original cost. So I bought some. They then sat in a cupboard awaiting use.

Today, my friends, I used them. It was a simple dream, a purse that would be reversible and cute for summer.

So I started...
 These were the two fabrics I used.
Items needed:
2 contrasting fabrics approximately 33" square of each.
Purse "rings" or Glamor "rings"
Thread for your machine.

Step One:
Using 2 contrasting fabrics, cut 2 purse panels out of each fabric. (This is approximately 11" wide and 9" tall) You don't need a pattern, but please cut all four sides together... so they are all the same size.
Step Two
Cut strips out of each fabric for the bottom and sides, measuring approximately 5 inches longer on each side than the height of the purse sides. (For my purse, they were 33 inches). 

Cut the shoulder strap as long as you want - 33" - 36" is usually a good length. 5 - 6" wide

Step Three
With RIGHT sides together, sew the side/bottom strip to the contrasting purse panel, repeat so both sides are sewn on.  Be sure to leave 5 inches length above purse panel.  Repeat with other 2 purse panels and contrasting side/bottom strip.

Step 4 (this is where it gets REALLY tricky)
 Fitting one finished panel inside the other, with RIGHT SIDES TOGETHER, sew together with 1/4 inch seams.   Leave top of one of the side strips open.

Step 5
Turn purse right side out by pulling through side strip opening.
This is what mine looked like after forcing the purse through.

Step 6 - Shoulder Strap
Fold strap in half with RIGHT sides together and stitch together along edge.  Turn right side out and press.

Step 7 - Finishing
Smooth purse sides together, stitch around top of purse, 1/8" from edge. Fold side strips over around purse rings and fasten using double stitch.  Do the same with the shoulder strap, ensuring that it's not twisted.

TA DA! A Purse!!
BTW this size purse would be ideal for a small diaper bag, a couple diapers and a small travel wipes box would fit PERFECTLY in here!

Just me, AJ


  1. Yon know, I can acutally do that! I won't...but it's nice to know that I can. :)

    Continue being the creative person you're blessed to be. :)

  2. woman that bag rocks, add that to your etsy shop:O)

  3. Very cute! I made a bag once and it took me two days, and about 10 hours....and yours looks much better!!! I'm glad you shared. :O)

  4. My gosh, that turned out cute!

  5. That looks great! And your directions are so clear. It makes me feel like I could do this.

  6. omg, get out of here! That is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!


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