Jun 10, 2010

Writer's Workshop and Think about it Thursday

Mama's Losin' It
2.) Before I was a mom…
  • I could stay in bed as late as I wanted.
  • I rarely had to repeat myself when asking for something.
  • I never had to spank anyone for defying me.

  • I would never pick another person's nose, wipe another person's butt or discuss with another person if they went pee or poop.
  • Silence was a good thing, not a harbinger of a mess to be found.
  • 8pm was just another hour between 7 and 9pm, not the longed for hour of release.
  • Bathtime was a time of relaxation and pampering
  • There were no toys on the floor in the living room, hallway, bedroom, office, and the car.
  • When I sat down to read a book, no one desperately needed to talk to me.
  • When I went to the bathroom, no one knocked on the door or just came in to see what I was doing.
  • When I got out of the shower, I never rushed through getting dressed and putting my makeup on because there was crying in the next room.
  • When I went to bed at night, no one woke me up because they had a bad dream
  • When I cooked a meal, there were rarely demands or complaints about something being yucky.
  • The toilets were always flushed
  • There was never pee on the floor
  • There were only two people to pick up after.
  • I hadn't kissed a stuffed animal good night for years.
  • I didn't have small people to cuddle with in the morning
  • There were no sweet "I love yous" in little voices to melt my heart
  • No one snuggled up next to me while I read a book
  • I didn't appreciate how hard my mom worked to manage both a job and two daughters.
  • No one came in and cuddled like only a 4 year old little girl can do first thing in the morning
  • I was alone a lot
  • I have an awesome responsibility, but I have a husband to share it with and two little people who bless my life.  I wouldn't trade being a mother for any other job in the world!

Question of the day: If you had $1000 a month in extra income and you had to spend it on the same thing every month, what would you spend it on and why? (It can be anything, a bigger house, a car, services etc.)

I think I would hire a housekeeper and pay a teenager to be a nanny for 10 hours a week.  I am pretty sure that would cover the $1000 quick!  Wouldn't it be lovely to have a clean house and hours to run errands, get pedicures and go to appointments? Sigh... 

Just me, AJ


  1. great post!

    if i had an extra $1000 / mo...first thing to go would be bills. THEN i would do EXACTLY like you did...nanny and a housekeeper, baby!

  2. Would $1000.00 pay for a personal chef to come in a cook dinner four nights a week? If $1000.00 would cover that, that is totally what I would choose!

  3. i would for sure have a house cleaner and a landscaper!!!! I love how you went from the hard things to the wonderful:O)

  4. I love to travel and would love to take little trips-

    have a great day-
    sandy toe

  5. I love your list! And after reading it, I realized I had never picked anybody else's nose until I was a mom!!

    BTW - I'm an idiot...I was following your design blog and missing all this goodness over here! So, I'm now following you here :)

  6. I loved what you said about silence! Too funny!!!

    If I had $1000 extra a month, the truth is that I'd save every penny of it, but if I had to choose something, I'd spend it on home improvements.

  7. I loved reading everyone's mom posts today. Yours was great! I could relate to all of it.

    I'm boring. I would spend that money paying down my bills. I hate being in debt.

  8. Beautiful article! Really did make me think. I found your blog through a Friday Follow Blog Hop! I would love it if you came by and followed me also!


  9. Definitely a gardener (only for the not-fun part) and a housekeeper. Following you thru Follow Me Friday. Nice to meet you. :) Pam @ Sallygoodin

  10. I'll just take the housekeeper. Please someone mop my floors! New follower here from Follow Me Friday. Great blog you've got here, can't wait to come back and read more. Hope to hear back from you soon!

    Lots of yummy love,
    Alex aka Ma, What's For Dinner?

  11. I am here from Follow Me Friday. Have a great weekend.

  12. Love your list!

    i would probably want a housekeeper and a chef with the EXTRA 1,000 dollars.

    hey you!
    FYI, We have the same number of followers--that's cause WE ROCK!!! We are so AWESOME...I love it!

    You re-designed your blog a little bit. I likey.

    You are so good at this designing thing girl!


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