Jul 1, 2010

10 Things that bring a SMILE to my face

This is response to Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop question number
3.) Write a list of 10 things that are sure to put a smile on your face when you are not happy.

10. My cat, Obie, being a "jungle cat" in the ornamental grasses in our yard

9. My kids being silly, and the massive "tickle attacks" that always end with daddy tickling mommy and the kids trying to rescue me...

8. Driving up the driveway of Redwood Christian Park at the beginning of a retreat or a week of family camp.  The Redwood scented breeze, the sight of the familiar "camp" friends waving at you as you find a parking spot, the feeling of ease that settles in my bones as we head to our cabin.

7. A sunny corner, a good book and silence.

6. A glass of Chardonnay and a home cooked meal.

5. Watching Desperate Housewives with a good friend and chatting during commercials

4. Pouring rain, thunder and lightening and a roaring fire in the fireplace during the winter.

3.  Sitting on a bench with an ice cream cone on the Boardwalk in Pismo, watching the waves crash on the beach, the sounds of children playing tag with the ocean, watching my kids chase the seagulls and the smell of fried fish, seaweed and salt water.

2. Sitting at Starbucks with a friend or two, laughing so hard your stomach starts to hurt

1. My husband.  He's so funny, he always makes me laugh, even if I'm mad at HIM.

Just me, AJ


  1. I'm planning on curling up with a good book and no noise this very evening!

    Your ice cream evening on the boardwalk also sounds FANTASTIC!

  2. Just reading that makes me smile...and wish I was heading to a cabin in the woods!

  3. I love Pismo!! Haven't been in far too long...

    And of course you know I love curling up with a good book!

  4. I'm your newest follower. Please follow me at www.jessielynnsmith.com


    <3 Jess

  5. Hello - stopping by from Writers Workshop...A good book and ice cream were on my list of ten as well!! Great list - reading theme makes me smile!!
    Monica@Orgnaized Chaos!!

  6. i love your blog! DId I already tell you I gave you an award I forgot???? well i did!!!!:O)

  7. 7,4,2,1 for me. Love this post!


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