Jul 5, 2010

ICMT Monday - Kitchen Aid Mixer Cover

I am providing a bit of a back story here... if you want to get to the how-to and to see the project, scroll down a few paragraphs until you see the picture of the naked Kitchen Aid.

The back story: A couple of years ago, my mother in law gave me the gift of baking. It's true. I never really baked, I'm not sure why. I think it all came down to cookies. I couldn't make them. I know what you are saying: you couldn't make COOKIES? What is wrong with you? I couldn't. They always were too crispy. I like them slightly crunchy on the outside but soft and gooey on the inside, and I couldn't do it. I would eat other people's cookies and try again. Nope, dry and crunchy. So, I decided I really didn't like cookies anyway. I know, I am such a baby.

So, when my MIL gave me a Kitchen Aid Mixer I was happy, because I know those are the Mercedes of mixers, but deep inside I was muttering "Wow, you must not know me at all... I don't bake." Besides the obvious, I also now had a cookie supplier in my next door neighbor. She's like Betty Crocker on crack. Four kids (under 5), perfect yard, pristine house, and makes everything from scratch. All of that and she managed to make cookies (and bring us 8 or so) every week.

Then my Kitchen Aid came to live with me, like a fos-adopt situation. I was convinced the Kitchen Aid Mafia would take it away if I didn't at least TRY to bake with it, so I asked my neighbor the secret to her FABULOUS cookies. It turned out that it was actually a Kitchen Aid recipe, and her secret had to do with butter. You probably already knew this, but perfect cookies have EVERYTHING to do with the temperature of your butter. As in: it should be room temperature. Too cold or too melted and your cookies will be too round or too flat and crispy.

So, my Kitchen Aid found a home on my counter:
There it sat, naked and exposed.

Once, while visiting a kitchen Outlet, I discovered that there are covers you can buy for your Kitchen Aid Mixer: 
But they cost around $25 to $30! I thought to myself... I can make that!

So, I found some fabric that I had lying around from a previous project:
It worked perfectly for my project because the neutral colors match my kitchen house.

Step 1: Cut your fabric.
After measuring my Kitchen Aid (I didn't look at the above cover until I sat down to do this post, so my cover looks different), I cut 3 pieces.  One that was 9" x 40" and 2 pieces that were 14" x 14".

I then folded the 2 square pieces in half and rounded the tops.

Step 2: Sew top and sides
Find the middle of the square or side pieces and the middle of the top strip, line up and start pinning together with RIGHT SIDES together.
 Sew top strip to side pieces. 
This step is a little tricky, try to keep the fabric flat, do not allow it to bunch on the "corner curves".

Step 3: Hem the bottom
I simply folded up the bottom about 1/2" and zigzag stitched around the bottom.

Here is the finished project:
You could make it too, if you can sew. :)
Now that I've re-looked at the Kitchen Aid mixer style, I may have to re-think my pattern. 
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Just me, AJ


  1. Hey, that's nifty!! I think I could actually manage that, and then I wouldn't have to look at my spattered mixer on the counter all the time. Guess I could clean it. But I'd rather do a project. :o)

  2. you clever, clever girl! you should make them and sell them on etsy!

  3. Great idea. Now I just need the mixer. lol

  4. You never cease to amaze me:O)!!! Love that fabric too!!!

  5. That is friggin' adorable.

    I can't sew. Can't even sew a button onto a shirt.

    Also, my mixer is hidden in the back of some cabinet. Not even sure which one. So....

  6. Impressive. I do not have a kitchen aid...and I BAKE! No one loves me...or they are telling me to stop making cookies!

  7. way better looking than the store bought one!

    and you said (at my place) temps in the low 100's? THAT would make me cry. lol. or, atleast stay inside.

  8. Very nice job. I love it when people can "wing it" with a pattern. I'd love it if you linked up with Fabric Fun Thursday this week :).

  9. Hey! I need to make one of those. I have to dust my mixer everytime I use it.


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