Jul 15, 2010

Think about it Thursday - Do you think the world is coming to an end?

This will be a bit of a random post, but first, I must remind you, my fair reader, that I am not actually at my computer today... I am here:

Eat your heart out.

Moving on...

For those of you praying for my dad, keep praying.  His neurologist shrugged and said confidently that he doesn't have a complete blockage in his brain, just a partially clogged artery... in the part of the brain that could be fatal if he has a stroke... so far, no brain surgery...

and ON...

Today's question: Do you think the world is really grinding to an end?

Now, please don't misunderstand the question.  I am not asking if you think the world will be ending next week, or even in 2012.  I am merely wondering what you think about all of the speculation about climate change?

Do you get the newspaper?  No? Then you probably don't ever read the feature "Earth Week" which is normally on the weather page on Saturdays.  It's one of my favorite features, in a "this gives me nightmares, but I can't help but read this crap" sorta way.  In a nutshell, it basically gives a small picture of all of the natural disasters/wonders that occur each week.

Last weekend was this article (Click the title, a new window will appear, it's REALLY SHORT... do it... for me?): Indonesia's Rare Tropical Glaciers Melting Away , talking about yet another glacier melting away to nothing, a frightful concept if you know how valuable those things are!

Back in October 2009, we received this warning: "Human activities — largely due to growing reliance on fossil fuels and industrialized agriculture — have become so pervasive that they may trigger irreversible and abrupt environmental change by damaging the regulatory capacity of the planet, the [environmental scientists] group warned."

Finally, I caught an article written in our local paper mid-June that quoted Frank Fenner, an Australian scientist, who helped eradicate smallpox from the world, saying that human kind would be extinct in 100 years.  I found it in another paper, you can read the article at the Deccan Chronicle Website.

After months of reading Earth week, which includes enough disturbing climate change evidence to make you paranoid about starting your car, and catching little articles here and there about how humankind is on a slippery slope to non-existence (don't even get me started about the Gulf Coast disaster! UGH!), I have really begun to wonder... could it all be true?

Unfortunately I have no real answers.  God isn't giving this information/wisdom away, especially not to me... because I would blab it all over the internet.  I am not afraid or worried, because I have no control over it... if it's happening, one family living a SUPER GREEN lifestyle will not lengthen the end game for humans.  I am trying to do my part to live responsibly, but feel overwhelmed by the WHOLE COUNTRIES (cough China, India, Iran) who are destroying our environment at an ever increasing rate.

If I had to guess, I would say that it's probably all true.  We are probably moving toward extinction.  I am not sure if I would guess 100 years... but I am sure it's not far off!  It is hard to imagine the world being a naturally dangerous place for my grandchildren and great grandchildren, but I suppose I will be dead by then, so I won't have to live it. 
 image found on this forum

I would guess that the problems will only get worse.  As the sea level rises due to the melting of the polar ice caps and other land-bound glaciers, coastal cities will have to be abandoned and those millions of people will move onto inland agricultural land, which will no longer be able to feed the masses. You can see how this might be a problem right?  Read this article for a hopelessly leftward leaning article about the rising ocean levels.

OR it could all be a self-adjusting cycle that will adjust and crisis averted.  Glad I got that off my chest.

What do YOU think?

Just me, AJ


  1. AJ - I do think that we are doing a great deal to destroy this planet. And I am hopeful that some of it can be reversed - but like a neglected marriage that is ignored for too long and is left to self-destruct, I wonder if we have done the same to our planet.

    I was surprised when you mentioned China, India and Iran that you did not mention our very own United States as one of the biggest perpetrators in regards to amounts of pollution and waste that this country produces though. Until 2007, the US was the leading contributor to greenhouse gases to the environment - China surpassed the US that year.

    It's not something I am proud of as an American - but I certainly cannot ignore our own contributions to the imbalances in our earth's climate.

  2. I am sure we treat the world pretty horribly. But I also think Jesus is coming back very soon....so it's all part of the plan...as special agent oso says:O)

  3. I was just reading how we'd not survive but 4 years if the honey bee goes extinct. AH! I'm a member of National Wildlife fund and get their magazine each month. I can barely open it up, knowing it will make my heart sink!

  4. Sometimes I really do think that all the catastrophes and bad in the world is just little bits and pieces on the way to the end. It's like little warnings or something. God has it all planned out, I know, but I often feel like these are little signs. Weird, huh?

  5. I must admit that I am overwhelmed by the all the concerns that we have in this world; poverty, the condition of the earth, health care, human rights, the economy, and so on...
    I think we all have an area that we think of more than others.
    As far as the world ending, I don't want it to, but I feel "ready."
    I tend to be optimistic.

  6. I'm sorry; I forgot to express my concern for your Dad. May God bless him through this challenge, and his family and friends, too.

  7. I think we're definitely headed toward a crisis of epic proportions, but I don't think it's too late to stop it. Yet. At least I hope not...

  8. praise God for His unending love! without it I think I'd be more worried! praying for your dad!!!


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