Aug 22, 2010

Red Writing Hood: Christmas Comfort

The Red Dress Club challenge: Last week we worked on dialogue. This week? It’s all about description. Your assignment: write a first-person piece about either eating your favorite food or taking a shower – without using a personal pronoun.

Ah the JOY!  Though a little late, I felt the need to get in on this one.  Challenges like this make my heart go pitterpat.

Christmas Comfort

The house was quiet.  The fireplace still glowed with embers from a fire that burned all day.  The only sounds were the occasional snapping from the fireplace, the ticking of the clock and the turning of pages in a book.

The book was almost finished, the ending was in sight.  The smell of a fresh Christmas tree, the cheerful glow of it's lights, a deep sigh of contentment, turning back to the book.  The clock chose that moment to sing out the hour, 11pm. Considering sleep at that moment seemed ridiculous.  How did the story end?

Walking into the kitchen, slippered feet silent on the cold linoleum, the freezer beckoned with it's hidden treasure.  A reassuring crack as the seal was broken on the freezer door, and the dark kitchen lit up from the cold light.  Lifting the container from the shelf, the heaviness of the full ice-cream container was an unspoken comfort.

Quietly hunting for an ice-cream scoop, a bowl, a spoon, and the final ingredient: candy canes.  Twelve candy canes sat inside a mug with a cartoonish Santa Claus sneaking through a living room.  One was to be sacrificed, placed in a bag, taken out into the garage and shattered with a hammer. 

The red and white peppermint dust filled the air with a sweet smell and candy taste as it sprinkled down onto the three dark mounds in the bowl.  The first bite, the sweet, slightly bitter, flavor of chocolate combined with the minty, almost refreshing, taste of peppermint. 

Settling in a wooden chair at a white and wood farm table, book spread out on the table, spoon in hand, the story continued, only interrupted by the concentration of balancing ice cream on a spoon.  Christmas comfort.

Just me, AJ


  1. Love this! And...I can't WAIT for slippered feet on a cold floor! It's been such a lonnnnnnnnnnnng hot summer!

  2. AJ! I.LOVE.THIS!!! The first two paragraphs are my absolute favorites. They are everything that Christmas is. Perfectly written.

  3. I am officially ready for fall so that we can get on to Christmas!

  4. Mmm.Minty.
    And now i want to decorate for Christmas now...
    if I had a extra $5000....:)
    Christmas can stay right where it is for now...
    but you did paint the picture quite nicely I thought. :)


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