Aug 11, 2010

She started Kindergarten on Monday... yet somehow I have no free time...

Once upon a time, I wrote this heartfelt poem for my little boy's first day of Kindergarten. Now the time has come(and gone) to send my 2nd grade boy and my KINDERGARTEN girl off to the big bad world! So, it's only fair that I pen a poem for her as well...

My little Bird

I have this little birdie
funny, smart and kind,
she flutters all around the nest
the ruler of HER mind.
Soon she'll learn to flap her wings
and soar from under mine,
she'll fly into the great big world,
she's small, but she'll do fine.

I worry about the predators
who would lead my bird astray,
and the ones who will peck at her
with words that they will say.
Will she soar or fall to Earth?
Will she get back up again?
So many questions that I have,
I don't know where to begin.

I know she'll come home at last
fluttering about her day,
all the different people she will meet
(and every word they might say).
Tomorrow she'll need to take the leap
from the nest to sky above.
I'm scared, I'm sad, I'm overwhelmed
but she'll go strengthened with my Love.

AJ Collins 8-2010

I wrote this poem on Sunday night, and never managed to post it because life has been overwhelmingly busy! With two in school and no sports (yet) I am not sure how we could fit another thing into our schedule, but I am sure I'll manage!  Here are my two on the first day of school (Monday) - they are both READY to be in school!

Just me, AJ


  1. What a milestone! Yay for C! Loved your poem. Can't believe how much they are growing up. Much love,
    Auntie R

  2. They look so cute! Hope they are having a good week so far.

  3. Wonderful poem! I think you should enter that on a poetry site somewhere, that's really good!

  4. So cute! Looks like a couple of the TT girls are in the same boat. I have a 2nd grade girl and a new kindergarten girl too! Time passes too quickly!

  5. love this poem!!! poor mama:O( Praying for you this week!!!!

  6. I'm just starting with my 2 in a preschool program 2 days a week, and with all the driving back and forth, i only end up with at most 1.5 hrs by myself!

  7. They are FRIGGIN adorable!! OMG.

    Mine start this MOnday and I am dying inside a little.

    No sports yet? How'd you pull that?

    Currently we have:

    Jason in both ice hockey and tackle football (baseball is off season)

    Haley in soccer and dance starting up later this month.

    Kill me now.

  8. What a beautiful poem you have written, golly gee..your talent is showin'. Your little gal looks very ready, especially when protected by big bro.

    God bless ya and have a marvelous day!!!

  9. Beautiful poem. And beautiful kids. They are so sweet, and your words are annointed.

  10. Your daughter is so freaking cute!
    And your son...very handsome!
    Perhaps one of my daughters is just the right age for him....:)
    I have an 11 8 and 3.
    All beautiful daughters...
    any one of them old enough for your son?
    Have a good school year AJ, I'm still around, just haven't been over here lately and for that I apologize...:)I'm here now...let's get this PARTY started....:)


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