Jan 15, 2011

She's making plans to destroy the world

SCENE: At the dinner table, after dinner, C is helping herself to a Rice Crispy treat, which she made earlier that day (with mom's help... of course)

C: I LOVE Rice Crispy treats!
Dad: Me too
C: I would like to make a giant Rice Crispy treat!
Dad: Giant?
C: Big enough to crush the whole world!
Dad: hmmm
C: Evil laughter and hand rubbing.

Frightening stuff people.  Frightening stuff.
Just me, AJ


  1. I would love for her to try it! I happen to be a Rice Crispy Treat Freak and I will eat it!

  2. Hmmm, It is making me hungry for a giant one myself!! Maybe if you used a little frosting and painted a world on the rice Crispy treat, she could totally devour it instead of crushing it.

  3. That's really funny because my son and his friends are planning to make "The World's Largest Pizza". They're having a little trouble with the logistics...


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