Sep 28, 2011


I open my arms wide
I demand, more! MORE!
My voice is shrill as I look up.
Give me MORE, Lord!
With an overflowing life
I drip with the abundance
of His lavishness.

Yet I selfishly portion out my love
A pinch of grace here
A handful of kindness there
A pocketful of forgiveness in passing
A small smile for the downcast
A platitude for the hurting

From my wealth, 
I shake my head
At their poverty.

Why are they so mean?
Why are they so unkind?
Why are they so judgmental?
Why are they so unforgiving?

What is wrong with them?

Then He comes to me
He lays his hand on my small shoulders
He tips my chin so I meet His eyes

"They don't know what Love is"

So I bluster
What's wrong with their parents?
What's wrong with their husbands? Their wives?
What's wrong with their churches? Their neighbors?

He places his fingers on my moving mouth
"But I lavished my Love on YOU,
so YOU could Love them."

My small head shakes a bit in denial.
I whine.
But I hardly have enough for me,
after I give all I have to my husband,
children, family, friends,
ministry, projects.
Surely there is someone ELSE 
who can show them love.

They don't even like me.

He smiles a small sad smile.
"My Love never runs out.
As you receive and release it with open hands,
I refill the void left behind.
I am a River of Love
I am an Ocean of Grace
I am a Waterfall of Mercy.

I created you to Love."

A deep sigh wells up within me.
I don't think I can do it, Lord.

His eyes sparkle as He considers my downcast face.
"I know you can't, I was just waiting for you to acknowledge it."
then he said to me, 
“My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”

Oh... right. I forgot.

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