Oct 17, 2011

Why do you do it?

As I find my balance on the high wire, with the heavy binders of my part-time career in one hand and a cage with my crazy monkey-rabbits in the other, I stop frequently to re-balance, so I don't fall off the wire.

My life is one part balancing act (like any working mom), and one part clown car.

 You know what I mean.  I unpack my life and when it is all out on the table I am somewhat bemused that it all fits in there somehow.  A little like Mary Poppin's satchel.

I just keep pushing more in, and somehow it all fits.
Though I am beginning to wonder if at some point something will break.

At work, running three weekly clubs, coordinating with 7 volunteers.  At church, as leader for Bible Study, an occasional mid-week teacher and singing on the worship team.  At my children's' school, volunteering in the Library, as a Room Parent, and soon as a music teacher.   Not to mention my afternoons as a mom, with music lessons, Girl Scouts (as a leader), homework help, occasional housework, and cooking.

Right on top, filling the cracks, is me as a woman and a wife, spending time with my husband, helping with his campaign (for now), spending time with friends, reading, occasional exercise, time abiding with God, finding time for creative outlets like writing, beading, sewing and graphic design. 

I guess this could sound like a whine, or a brag, but really it's more of a statement.
Life is busy.  Not just for me, but for everyone.

I was recently reflecting on why I choose to be so busy.
(I am fully aware that it is MY CHOICE to be this busy)

  • because I'm trying to be super mom
  • because I can't say no
  • because I am trying to earn my way to Heaven
  • because I want people to like me
  • because I am better than you
  • because I am trying to prove my worth (this one gives me pause)

  • because I feel called
  • because I want to be helpful
  • because I love my family
  • because I love God
  • because I like to fill gaps of need
  • because I like to be busy
The balancing act becomes a little more dicey when I try to consider if I spend so much time doing FOR others that I fail to spend time with them.

Do you ever do this?
I spend time working around my kids, but don't just sit down to be with them.
I spend time doing things for my husband, but don't take the time to date him.
I spend time serving God, but don't always take the time to be in His Word, or talking with Him.

Why are you so busy?  Have you ever considered your "Why"?

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