Jan 3, 2012

She's not... is she?

In what feels like a whirlwind of food, music, laughter, food, parties, crying, food, gifts, sleeping in, food, illness, play dates and did I mention food... Thanksgiving and Christmas have passed in what closely resembles an avalanche of chaos.

We have begun digging ourselves out, and I can see the light! School (along with it, our regularly scheduled life) will be returning in less than a week, and it's a New Year to boot!

This year will be an interesting one.  I will be turning 35.  As I typed that number, I discovered that I still don't think I am that old.   I think I will perpetually remain 28.  It was a good age.   Not because I am in love with youth, but because 35 sounds almost middle aged.  That's strange.  Not bad, but I can remember my parents at this age, something about that disturbs me.

I had a dream last night that I woke up this morning with my entire head completely filled with the silvery hair that has been cropping up faithfully more and more each and every month over the last few years.  It was pretty, but I am too young to have a head full of silver hair.   Not just in number, but in how I feel.  I don't feel old.

Which leads me to my next revelation... I am feeling more and more that I long to have my outside match my inside.   On the inside I feel vibrant and energetic and spunky and cute and fun.  I don't feel like I necessarily show all of that on my outside, with a decade (ahem... more) of letting myself slip into mushy comfortableness, my clothes are somewhat frumpy, my body somewhat lumpy...  Which means I need to actually do something about it.

My Everest to climb is not as arduous as many people's, I don't have any significant health concerns ... yet.
I don't have too many chronic aches and pains ... yet.  I have the resources to pull it off, with enough knowledge, enough equipment, videos, etc. etc.  I am even working on getting the appropriate amount of motivation.

My biggest obstacle is procrastination. 

I think...  I will start tomorrow.  Then tomorrow comes and with it some special occasion or a weak willed breakfast or I fail to wake up and work out and I think... I will start tomorrow.    Tomorrow never comes.   So, I am making a trite, ridiculous New Year's Resolution.

Here it is:  I will stop procrastinating.  I will start right now. 

or... Tomorrow. :)

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