Apr 17, 2012

Ideas for saving money on gas...

Today, I am feeling helpful.  Being a "useless facts" collector, I often find myself unappreciated when it comes to sharing ideas for better living, but I think that today might be a turning point for me... and the fact that I am writing to exactly... NO ONE. 

(It's true) - I used to have a blog with 300 followers, but I deleted it to get out of the rat race.  I know that 300 people didn't read my blog all the time, but it made me feel better. Now I have ... 3. 

But I digress.  Over the last few months I had noticed an alarming trend in my somewhat gas-friendly small SUV (an older Honda CR-V), the gas mileage was becoming worse and worse.  I mean I usually could drive about 250 miles between fill ups, but the light was coming on and burning strong at around 210, and I couldn't tell that I was driving any better or worse.  The true story here, is that I finally remembered to check my tire pressure and discovered that the PSI (Pounds per Square Inch) on my right rear tire was so low, I can't even mention it.  I had noticed that it seemed a little low... but we are talking like 30PSI low.... not pretty.

So, long story short I filled my tires, and do you know what happened?

I know you do.

My gas mileage went right back to where it was before the mysterious low tire. (I am still watching to see if it loses air like that again... might need to be patched).  So, here I have 5 ideas to save money on gas this summer.

Good Luck!


  1. you are invited to follow my blog

  2. I love your writing because I can totally hear you speaking these words into my head! Thanks for the info!!

  3. Glad u checked out your tires that could have been ugly! Love your posts my dear, always something interesting and new to learn :) Keep up the good work!


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