Sep 23, 2012

Choose This Day...

One night, as my then- 8-year-old son was getting tucked into bed, we had one of our {common} existential bedtime conversations. 

"Mom" says he, "my Sunday school teacher was talking about accepting Jesus today, and I told him that I did."

"That's good! Thank you for telling me. Can you tell me what it means to you?"

"Well, the thing is, I said I did, but really I didn't... I mean, I prayed the prayer, but I really want to think about it some more." he spoke softly.

"It's good to think about it." I began carefully, 
"Did you have any questions? What did you need to think about?"

"Well," he thought for a moment, "I feel like if I am going to make that decision, 
I should know what kind of boy I want to be."

"What kind of boy you want to be?  What do you mean?"

His eyes begin to mist, "I have to choose if I want to be a good boy or not."

In the following second, my heart thudded three times, loudly in my ears.  

My mind drifts back to me as a new mom rocking my 4 week old baby boy in my arms, crying softly.  My husband peeks into the room. Seeing my tears, he asks if I am okay.  I nod my head and say "It may be silly, but I just realized that someday, he will have the power to choose God or not, and it made me sad and a little scared..."
Deep breath.
"That's true, it's a decision all of us have to make every day.  
Do you know which you think you want to be?"

His eyes were moist from unshed tears, softly he says "I want to be a good boy, but it's really hard, and I make bad choices, even when I want to be good."

I smile a small sad smile. "Can I tell you the truth?" He leans toward me ever-so-slightly, "That's exactly how I feel, and I am a mommy and have been following Jesus for 25 years."  His eyes widen. "It's true.  I think it's safe to make that decision when you realize you have to choose every day, and are willing to keep trying."

He smiles a small smile. "Oh... well, I think I can do that."

From childhood through young adulthood the question is: 
"What do you want to be when you grow up?"

But I think the real question should be 
"What kind of person will you be when you grow up?"  

Will you choose the good or the bad? 
Now, I realize that life is not so black and white. But still, we need to know as Christians, or even as human beings, what we want to stand for.

Will we protect those who need protection?  
Will we choose truth over falsehood? 
Will you serve God or serve yourself?
Will we surround ourselves with those who encourage the good in us, 
or those who enable the bad?

Fortunately every day is a new day, and we can choose each day who we will serve.

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  1. This is just precious. ♥♥♥

  2. Filled with "thoughtfulness"... and Truthfulness. None of us are sinless, even on an everyday basis, but many of us are heart-filled for our Lord and desire to repent, renew, and rejoice for the kindness of our Redeemer.

    Thank you much!


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